September 24, 2021

June marks National Camping Month. We're highlighting one of our influencers who is sharing tips on how to enjoy camping safely, with the help of Midland Radio.


Jose and Andrea Ramirez are based out of Southern Arizona. They take their seven and nine year old kids on adventures in their overlanding vehicles about every two weeks.

The Ramirez family camps about 97% of the time they're on the road. With their overlanding vehicles, they have the option to camp on their rooftop or on the ground. When camping for long periods of time, the family chooses their ground tent.


For the family of four, camping is all about spending quality time together.

“Spending time together is our favorite part. Sometimes we get so distracted during the day between work and school…we get very busy. When we’re camping we separate ourselves from work, school, the city, everything else and we have the best conversations. It’s unforgettable moments right then and there," Jose Ramirez said.

He said between work and school, the family likes to disconnect from the business that is their day to day life.

“It’s like a therapy. You go out and you separate yourself from everything and you’re away from the city. Even if it’s by yourself, your family, or your friends, it’s quality time.”

The Ramirez family has traveled all over the country spending time at campgrounds in states like Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, California, and Texas. While they've seen some of the most picturesque locations, the family doesn't have a favorite spot.

“We don’t have a favorite state. Every state that we have visited is a new adventure and a new experience. They all have something that makes us want to go back and keep exploring.”

Jose said the entire family enjoys experiencing different parts of the country.

“We try to do research beforehand about the states and the cities. We want to learn something from the area while we are there.”


Safety is Jose's number one priority when his family is out camping.

The family always has handheld walkie talkies when they are doing activities like hiking.

“Sometimes we’re doing hiking and the kids have a radio in case we split up for a little bit or someone has to use the restroom. We always have our radios in case of an emergency," he said.

Most of the campgrounds they visit don't have a strong cell phone signal or any at all. The family uses Midland Radios to communicate with others they travel with in case of an emergency.

“Having the ability to communicate is crucial. You don’t want to in a risky situation and not able to contact anybody. When you’re in the middle of nowhere with your family, a lot of things come to your mind. It can save lives.”

They pair the walkie talkies with MicroMobiles inside their two overlanding vehicles. The family has both the MXT400 and MXT275 MicroMobile Two-Way Radio.

“Midland products have been very convenient and useful in many different situations. Sometimes we are in backcountry of a state with no cell reception. We just use GMRS radios and they come in handy.”

He finds Midland Radio's upgraded MXT275 with USB-C charging capabilities, a crowd pleaser when traveling with kids.

“It’s super convenient that the MXT275 has the USB-C rapid-charging feature. Sometimes the kids want to be on all their electronic devices and these are a good way to rapidly charge those.”

The Ramirez family also travels with Midland Radio's ER310 E+Ready Emergency Crank Weather Radio.

“The emergency weather radio is important because sometimes when you don’t have service it’s hard to know what type of unexpected weather will pop up. If weather is coming, you need to have information to decide if you should pack up and get a hotel.”


According to KOA's 2021 North American Camping Report, more and more people are camping, likely a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. More than 60% of first-time American campers who tried the activity out during the pandemic, plan to camp the same amount or more in 2021.

For Ramirez, he is excited about others spending more time outdoors and exploring campgrounds.

“It’s amazing. People can spend more time together and outdoors…they can see something new. They just need to try and get that experience.”

He encourages new campers to start with the essentials as far as gear...nothing extravagant or expensive. He says if you decide to make it a more regular hobby, then put more money behind it.

“If you’re going to start camping, go out and explore with the small stuff. See if you like it and then do the research to figure out what items you’ll need for more experienced camping before you buy expensive things.”


While Jose loves all his Midland Radio products, he especially enjoys uses the MXT400 MicroMobile Two-Way Radio with the ghost antenna.

“I really love the range that I get with the MXT400.”

If you're looking to kick your camping up a notch, head to our website to explore all things camping.

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