May 21, 2020

An Interview with Jeremy Rodriguez, Live-in Manager, Colonial Gardens Gracious Retirement Living


With the COVID-19 epidemic affecting almost every part of our daily lives, it can be easy to get caught up in our own struggles and overlook the effect it’s having on our most vulnerable populations. Specifically, one extremely vulnerable to the disease: the elderly—especially those living in senior facilities.

We know that COVID-19 can dramatically impact the over-65 population. We have heard horror stories of the illness ravagingnursing homes throughout the country. But one retirement community’s Live-in Manager tells us that they have been able to control the disease in his facility. They’ve managed to accomplish this difficult task thanks to two very important factors:instituting safety protocols andmaking use of their Midland walkie talkies.

Walkie Talkies in Senior Living Facilities

Jeremy Rodriguez of Colonial Gardens Gracious Retirement Living in Beverly, Massachusetts became increasingly anxious at the prospect of the virus infecting the elderly at the facility.“We describe it as reliving the worst day of our lives more than 50 days in a row,” said Rodriguez. Rodriguez and his wife are both live-in managers at the facility.“As my wife and I watch what this virus is doing to other senior living facilities, we are terrified at what could happen if the virus gets in.”


How They've Kept Their Community Safe

Fortunately, almost miraculously, Rodriguez and staff have been able to control the virus. His senior living facility, which houses almost 200 residents, has seen zero cases. Rodriguez attributes this to God, their strict safety precautions, and because they use Midlandwalkie talkies for all communication.

“After the safety protocols started, we have come to rely on our Midland walkie talkies to communicate instantly over a large building and 18 adjacent cottages,” said Rodriguez. As of March 17, staff suspended social visits, closed common areas, and began delivering meals to all residents, three times a day. The radios make it easy for staff to quickly communicate, especially as the facility continues to undergo changing procedures.

Rodriguez is more than pleased with the radios.“The features are amazing and it’s the first two-way radio I’ve used that doesn’t seem like a toy,” said Rodriguez. He is able to use his walkie talkies while wearing a face mask as well.“I love your gear so much that I’ve ordered a Midlandthroat mic to help keep my hands free and to help me communicate with my protective mask on.” (Click this link to browse all of Midland’stwo-way radio accessories.)


Celebrating Mothers Day - The Safe Way

The senior living facility continues to look for the light at the end of the tunnel. Rodriguez says they were even able to host a Mother’s Day parade.

Midland walkie talkies at senior living facilities

After months of isolation, 303 carloads of the residents’ friends and families paraded safely through the community.

Mothers Day at Senior Living Community

“Our Midland walkie talkies made that possible,” said Rodriguez.“It was the first smiles I have seen here in a long time.”

For more information about our walkie talkies for senior living facilities, click this link:Business Radios.

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