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November 18, 2021

With the holidays right around the corner, the time to shop for your loved ones is now. 

We've put together a gift guide fit with something special for everyone. 

Check out our picks for your holiday shopping list. 


MXT275 MicroMobile Two-Way Radio

Cell service isn't guaranteed and often isn't available when you're hitting the trails for off-roading and overlanding. Grab Midland's MXT275 to make sure your communication is clear and reliable.

This radio has 15-watts of power and will take your radio range to new levels. Worried about it crowding your dashboard? Don't! The MXT275 has a fully integrated control microphone so you can stash it away. Off-roaders will also love opening up this gift as it features a powerful USB-C charging port, giving you the fastest charge time for all your devices like cellphones and hand-held radios. Whether you're tackling the next obstacle or assisting a friend with a recovery, the MXT275 is compatible with all Midland's FRS and GMRS handheld walkie talkies.


X-Talker Extreme Dual Pack T77VP5

If your loved one or friend is someone that enjoys spending the night under the stars, grab them the X-Talker Extreme Dual Pack T77VP5. This bundle includes two T71 X-Talker FRS two-way radios and six different accessories including rechargeable batteries, a micro USB charging cable, and desktop charger. 

These radios will make communication efficient and safe when out exploring. If your camper wants to split up with the group and hit the trails for a hike while others stay back at the campsite, you can grab a walkie talkie so you can stay in touch. These handheld radios also have Midland's signature NOAA Weather Alert and Weather Scan technology, giving campers the latest weather information. Gifting your camper this bundle is sure to give you peace of mind each time they head out the door for their latest adventure.



MXT400 MicroMobile Two-Way Radio

Those with RVs will love this gift as their trips take them anywhere and everywhere. 

Midland's MXT400 is built to take communication further with 40 watts of power with its range hitting a maximum of 65 miles. It's Midland's most powerful GMRS radio. 

Your RV'er can install this MXT400 in their vehicle to make communicating while carvanning with others dependable. With Midland's MXT400 you won't have to worry about the clarity of your communication. 

When you're parked at the most beautiful, but remote destinations where cellphone service is limited or unavailable, this radio will still be useful. Make sure the family is safe as you take in the views and explore the campground.


X-Talker T295VP4 Two-Way Radio

Whether your loved one is hitting the water for the next big catch or in the woods stalking a monster buck, this set of camouflage walkie talkies is the perfect gift.

It can be hard to find cellphone service on the water so these walkie talkies allow you to reach your friends in other boats or on the shore. Let each other know where you're having success on the water or when you're bringing the boat back in. 

If your loved one or friend enjoys hunting, these radios give them the ability to maintain contact with their group while scouting, checking feeders, and getting settled in the blind. 

These walkie talkies will provide excellent radio range and are equipped with a backlit display, making adjustments easy in low-light conditions. The T295s also feature Midland's signature Weather Scan + Alert Technology so inclement weather won't sneak up on you while you're on the water or in the timber.

The T295s will keep you alert and connected, but hidden in the outdoors. 



X-Talker T51VP3X3VP3 Walkie TalkieThree Pack

With this gift, you can take communication to new heights when hitting the powder. 

These walkie talkies bring clear reception, clear transmission, and clear sound quality with up to a 28-mile range. The radios are water resistant so they are snow-approved. While on the slopes or in the backcountry, it's important to stay alert and informed. These radios have Midland's famous Weather Alert Technology so you can have peace of mind while enjoying the mountains.



ER10VP Compact Emergency Alert AM/FM Weather Radio

Whether you're hitting the trail to take on your next hike, spending time around the fire at the campground with friends, or taking the kids out for their first time fishing, the ER10VP will bring any adventurer peace of mind. 

Having an emergency radio allows the outdoor adventurer the opportunity to put their safety into their own hands. When you're off the grid, the ER10VP will prevent explorers from getting caught off guard. If any inclement wether pops up, the ER10VP will immediately alert you, giving you the latest information you need in order to seek shelter or safety. 

The radio also doubles as a flashlight so you can navigate the campsite at dark safely. Midland's ER10VP is fit for any emergency with Hi, Lo, and SOS strobe options. 

A compact emergency radio, the ER10VP makes traveling easy. It can easily slip into your pocket, gear bag, and even comes equipped with a wrist lanyard.



MXT115 AG MicroMobile Farm Radio Bundle

Planting season is right around the corner so there is no better gift for the farmer in your life than two-way radios. 

The MXT115 AG MicroMobile Farm Radio Bundle comes packed with two-way radios that will expand communication on the farm. This bundle includes the MXT115 and set of T71 walkie talkies. 

Whether you're in the combine, tractor, or outside the vehicle, communication is vital to the safety and efficiency of your farm. The MXT115 will triple the range of your handheld radios and can be easily mounted in most vehicles. With its USB-C outputs for the fastest charge and NOAA weather alert channels, farmers can stay connected and safe. Midland's T71 walkie talkies give you the option to move around the farm outside the vehicle while still communicating with others.



WR120 NOAA Weather Alert Radio

Whether it's a family game night in or a relaxing evening by the fire, keep your loved ones safe and weather alert with Midland's WR120 NOAA Weather Alert Radio.

The WR120 will automatically alert you anytime the National Weather Service issues a severe weather watch or warning. With over 60 kinds of weather hazards and emergencies- tornado, flooding, wildfire, blizzard, the WR120 gives you the crucial time you need to seek shelter.

Cellphone towers can become overwhelmed or destroyed so the WR120 is the most reliable way to receive notifications as inclement weather approaches.



Midland High Powered Joe Coffee

There is no better way to start a morning than with coffee. For those who like to start their days with a caffeine jolt, this is a perfect gift or stocking stuffer.

This medium roast blend will wake you up with fruity hints of sweet floral and bakers' chocolate drizzled with caramel. Whether you're waking up on the trails ready for a hike or steaming a cup before heading to the office, Midland's High Powered Joe Coffee will give you the energy you need to take on the day. 

Midland teamed up with Got Your Six Coffee Co. to bring you a blend that's roasted with a purpose. The net profits of Got Your Six Coffee Co. directly benefits EMTs, LEOs, firefighters, veterans, and their families. 

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