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April 22, 2022

Midland Radio is proud to announce its collaboration with Trail Wolves, an off-roading brand.


Jason Flores started Trail Wolves at the end of 2020. 

He's always enjoyed the outdoors.

“I used to trail, off-roading, rucking, backpacking, and things like that. It’s peaceful. I like getting out and away from everything. I also really like taking my family out into the wilderness," he said.

As a member of the military, he was deployed in 2018 and 2019. He returned after an injury required him to get knee surgery.

"During my recovery, I decided to start a brand. It got me outdoors to enjoy the peace and quiet."

He came up with the name Trail Wolves because of the unique traits of wolves.

"I’ve always been fascinated by the wolf because the wolf has so many attributes that I admire. They’re family oriented, they love roaming in packs, but they also posses keen instincts and can survive on their own. They posses everything you need in today’s family setting.”

Naming his brand Trail Wolves brought together his interest in in the animal and love of off-roading.

The brand started by making a few shirts with various designs, but Flores said those designs were intentional.

“I didn’t want to just throw a bunch of designs out there. My goal was to make sure that every shirt designed had a story connected to it.”


While Trail Wolves isn't a group, there is a community around the brand.

Flores decided to begin hosting events after taking Trail Wolves on the road.

“We were going to different events and were promoting the brand. We’re located in Ontario, California and there are a lot of trails out here. There are also a lot of people that live out here that off-road.”

They chose Rodeo X as the spot for their first meet. The first meet wasn't official, but 200 rigs showed up.

Trail Wolves then hosted a Christmas fundraiser with California Highway Patrol, collecting toys for kids. 440 rigs showed up. 

"It was just crazy. The community is awesome and it was such a blessing," Flores said.

Trail Wolves turned the meets into quarterly events.

Vendors get a chance to set up booths at the events while others get to check out the different rigs people bring to show off.


Midland Radio partnered with Trail Wolves with a shirt and patch

With every purchase of a shirt or patch, you get an entry to a Midland Radio bundle raffle. Those purchasing from Trail Wolves will also receive a Midland Radio decal.

Flores thought Midland Radio would be perfect for a collaboration because he and others in his off-roading group use Midland's products in their rigs.

“Pretty much all the guys I trail with use Midland Radio in their rigs. We’ve been doing a lot of collaborations and so with the drop of the MXT500, we just went for it.”

Flores knows first-hand just how important communication is.

"In the military, communication is everything. In my civilian life, I’m a first responder. You just need to stay in touch no matter where you are.”

With Trail Wolves operating in the off-road space, communication is even more important. That is why he knew Midland Radio would be a great fit.

“Being able to tell someone where you are or just having the ability to get ahold of each other is important for many reasons, especially safety.”

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