April 06, 2021

Introducing Gary & Paula

As you may know, Midland USA is the official communications sponsor of Jeep Jamboree!  When Midland isn't able to attend all the events throughout the year we send our amazing brand ambassadors, like Gary and Paula!

Paula and Gary

"Gary and I have been traveling for the last couple years.  We are about to do our 3rd, Jamboree.  We started doing the Jamborees by happenstance.  When we retired I wanted an RV and to see all the National parks.  Gary has a motorcycle and trail rides.  We started in a small Class A, thinking we did not need a car.  We were wrong.

Our second RV is a bus, we have a 37 foot triple slide pusher, and we knew we wanted to flat tow a vehicle.

Gary with dogs in the desert

We got my first Jeep "Sarah" when we bought the 2nd RV.  Sarah was a Sahara Unlimited with a soft top, I picked the Jeep simply because you need a vehicle with a true neutral to flat tow behind an RV.  I stumbled upon the SMORR Jamboree and signed us up.  We were stocked at what a STOCK Jeep could do, and we loved "wheeling" so we were hooked.  The second Jamboree was the Palo Duro.

We have only trailed a couple times on our own.  I feel safer with a group and the experience of guides.  I'd say what we don on our own if far less daring than what the guides have us do.

Jeep Jamboree

My Second Jeep is a 2021 Rubicon that honestly is my baby, and I'm not excited about getting her dirty. She is currently un-named, and I need to fix that.  But nothing has jumped out at me yet.  Sarah got her name from my granddaughter, she thought I had a Jeep named "Sarah" and it just stuck.  LOL  I picked the soft top the first go around because I wanted to be able to get the top up and down by myself.  Why own a jeep if you can't experience the top off.  This time I have the one touch, OMG it is awesome.  Push a button and the top slides back.

Right now the furthest we have been in the rig, is Big Bend and Colorado.  We are venturing out further and further.  But driving a diesel pusher is exhausting and honestly stressful.  We have found that 4 to 5 hours per day is our limit.   We are 52 feet long with the motorcycle lift and the Jeep being flat towed.  I can drive but prefer NOT to.

We are from Kansas, moved south 12 years ago.  We currently live on Eagle Mountain lake in NFW.  We've been here for the last 4 years.   We have four grown children, the oldest two are married with families.  We are grandparents to 5 grandbabies ranging from 2 years to 7.  I currently have three dogs that go everywhere with me.  One of the main reasons we have the RV, is because  I wanted to be able to take my dogs with me at all times. They are part of the family.

Two Dogs in a Jeep

I have been working dog rescues for the last 12 years.  When I worked full time I just donated money, now we foster and I do active media, help fundraise and transport.

We are both college graduates.  I sold Real Estate for Reece & Nichols for 16 years before moving south, I was in the top 10% for my region.  Gary retired from UP after 40 years. He was the Southern Regional Director of Claims, for Union Pacific."


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