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April 24, 2019

License-free business walkie talkies allow you and your business the freedom to communicate without the hassle of a license from the FCC. Unlike traditional business radios, license-free walkie talkies are more affordable and ready to use right out of the box. These radios are beneficial to businesses in a variety of ways, especially because they ensure better communication between employees within the workplace.

Business walkie talkies, like the Midland LXT600BB, have incredible features that benefit industries in small business, retailer stores, recreation, construction and more. Their impressive range makes them perfect for everyone in your business to stay informed and efficient.


Benefits of License-Free Business Walkie Talkies

With so many radios out there, it’s hard to keep track which will serve you and your business best. License-free two way radios are a catch-all to improve communication in the workplace.

They are typically much less expensive than a licensed business radio, making it possible to supply multiple employees with walkie talkies for walk. Our license-free business radios “plug and play," meaning they're pre-programmed and ready to get to work right out of the box.



License-free two-way radios are a great option for your business and offer a myriad of unparalleled features that change the way you communicate at work.

Having clear, crisp communication is critical when relaying messages on the job site. But why stop there! Our business walkie talkies have a built-in NOAA Weather Alert Radio feature so you can stay informed of severe weather. If your workplace entails outdoor labor in varied weather conditions, receiving weather updates is crucial.

The LXT600BB comes with a 3-year warranty, a Hi/Lo power setting to save battery life, and is water resistant for any rugged jobs. They also have a range of up to 30 miles with no obstructions.

The radio also comes with belt clips as well as an eVOX for hands free operation and easy voice activation. There are dual power options for the radio which uses three "AAA" batteries or a rechargeable battery pack that is included in the purchase.


Accessories To Pair With Your LXT600BB

Here are Midland accessories that pair excellently with your license free business radio:

Businesses That Can Benefit From The LXT600BB

1. Sports

For coaches and parent volunteers alike, the LXT600BB is great for communicating with referees and other parents at the big soccer game.

2. Construction

Construction requires an immense level of communication to ensure productivity, safety and accuracy. The LXT600BB is waterproof and durable so it will not get damaged during construction work.

3. Restaurants and Customer Service

Working in a hotel or restaurant requires a great deal of communication. On busy nights, customers are constantly in need. In order to serve customers efficiently, it’s important for multiple staff members to communicate to ensure patron needs are met. The LXT600BB can serves as an excellent way to maintain this communication.

4. Small Businesses

With business walkie talkies in hand, small businesses can communicate about meetings and in-house issues while on the go.

5. Event Planning

Working in event planning requires impeccable attention to detail and communication from multiple staff members. Working in wedding planning for example requires excellent timing and necessary to meet expectations.



Business radios can retail at over $100 PER radio! The LXT600BB is only a fraction of the price of other business radios. License-free business radios can not only save you on your initial investment, but also on the licensing fee. A 10-year Single Business Frequency license from the FCC will run you $450, but that's money that can stay in your wallet with license-free business radios. While affordable, it also offers all of the same features as competing radios.


Review From Our Users

“We originally purchased 8 of these radios for our church. We recently added 4 more to our inventory and we have been very pleased with the performance and the price. These units work well either indoors or out and they have given us no problems to deal with. I also recommend the ear pieces we ordered to use with the radios. This combination is perfect for our use and I give them our highest rating.”

We hope the easy-to-use, our affordable and high quality license-free business walkie talkie serves you well in all business pursuits.


License-Free Business Radios: Shop Now

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