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March 01, 2019

In a day and age where our kids seem to spend more time on screens than they do outside, promoting both independence and time spent outdoors is an important part of child development. Given time, space and freedom, kids have the chance to use their imagination, practice decision-making skills, and experiment with their own perception of the world around them. All of these characteristics are essential for growth and development. One easy way to encourage independence in the outdoors while maintaining safety are kids walkie talkies.

Kids Walkie Talkies Provide Freedom and Peace of Mind

Whether your little ones are biking around the neighborhood, having a backyard camp out, or exploring on a family vacation, walkie talkies can help teach them independence while giving you peace of mind.

Let Them Wander!

Father and son wearing cargo pants and plaid flannel shirts walk with backpacks and walkie talkies through a field.

Whether you are out at the local park or letting them run ahead on the hiking trail, give your children the freedom to go where they choose. The term, “free-range parenting”, is the idea that letting your children explore by themselves allows them to better navigate the world. Kids walkie talkies allow you to feel confident in letting your kids explore freely and dissipate the stress of trying to constantly corral them. PRO TIP: Test the range of the walkie talkies and set parameters of where your kids are allowed to go before sending them out.

Get Outside More

It can be challenging to be productive at home while also keeping an eye on your kids, but you shouldn't let that limit their time outdoors! If your kid wants to head over to your neighbors' yard to play with their friends or just bike around the block give them a kids walkie talkie to keep tabs on them so you don’t always have to stop what you are doing to supervise.


Build their independence

Two kids silhouttes in a yellow tent at night illuminated by a lantern, playing a game.

Kids walkie talkies allow for you to give your children space while still supervising them. Let them pitch a tent and have a sleepover in the back yard or give them the opportunity to walk to the store alone. This newfound independence will excite them and in turn, teach them some lessons in maturity.


Less Screen Time

Compared to the many tablets and screens surrounding your kids, walkie talkies are considerably low tech. There is no touch screen or blue light. Keep your kids unplugged while camping and at home by having them play a spy game with their walkie talkie set. Skip of watching another tv show or playing a game on your phone. You can even teach them some walkie talkie lingo.

Teaches Good Communication and Responsibility

Creating an expectation at a young age for your kids to tell you where they are going is a great way to build their communication skills. A kids walkie talkie is a super durable low-risk way to teach your children how to care for and be responsible for a possession.

Save Money by Delaying the Need for a Cellphone

With a family-friendly start up cost and no monthly service plan, the walkie talkie is a inexpensivecommunication option for your child. Using them will teach your kids the importance of communication without increasing the phone bill or prematurely buying a device they really don't need.  You can treat it like a test run for a cell phone and present it as a step towards one if your children are begging for that expensive cell phone.


What to Look For in a Kids Walkie Talkie

The Midland X-TALKER T20X4 in the quad color 4 pack family friendly colorful kids walkie talkies

Make sure the walkie talkies you are purchasing are well made and durable but affordable - so if it gets lost it is easy to replace. We would recommend this colorful X-Talker T20x4 four pack. If you don't four, they also come in a two pack! These fun family-inspired walkie talkies are just $10.00 per device making them super affordable. The X-Talker T20 radios have up to a 16-mile to allow your kids the freedom to roam while you still have a clear and crisp line of communication. These walkie talkies also come with Midland's trusted NOAA weather alerts making them perfect for the family camping trip.

Buy Now: X-Talker T20 Two Pack

Buy Now: X-Talker T20x4 Multi-Color 4-Pack

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