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September 23, 2021

Whether you are an overlanding expert or completely new to the hobby, it is important that you consider what type of radio to use on your travels. CB, GMRS, HAM, and even weather radios are all great options. Each gives you different benefits on the road. Learn why Jeep overlanding and Midland jeep radios are a perfect match with this helpful guide to overlanding and radio usage.

What is Overlanding?

Overlanding is a relatively new activity in the US; however, this recreational mix between off-roading and camping has gained a loyal following in recent years.

Sometimes called “car camping,” overlanding is when you pack your vehicle with all your necessities and set off on the open road. Overloading is done in the spirit of self-reliance and making it on your own in the face of nature.

Overlanding is fun for novices and experienced overlanders. Trips last anywhere from a day or two to several months, depending on your comfort level.

Jeeps are preferred for overlanding because of their rugged design and ability to traverse all terrains. Serious overlanding fans seek out challenging destinations. Jeeps are built for the job with reliable axles, intuitive suspension, and plenty of horsepower.

Jeeps are equipped with roof racks that easily hold tents and other gear, while water, food, and other tools are packed in the spacious interior. Jeep overlanding is an exciting hobby that helps you get in touch with nature and become more reliant on your survival skills.

The Perfect Radio for Jeep Overlanding

One item you don’t want to forget on your overlanding trip is a radio. The type of radio you use depends on where you travel, what kind of overlanding you enjoy, and who you go on trips with. These are the most common types of radios for Jeep overlanding.

Two-Way Radios

Two-way radios are radios that are used between two parties to communicate quickly and effectively. These radios are portable, handheld devices that are user-friendly for anyone in your overlanding party. They are best used for trips with multiple people that break off into groups or for trips with two people who like to go off on their own at times.

Look for models like the X-Talker T61VP3, which features 36 channels, 121 privacy codes, and a 32-mile range, ensuring that you stay in contact with your party even if they’re out ahead.

CB Radios

CB radios offer a wider range of communication than two-ways. They have access to 40 channels, including one for emergency use only. This is helpful if you run into trouble on your overlanding trip. CB radios are best for parties who travel in different vehicles or those who like talking to other overlanding enthusiasts with CB radios. They require installation and an antenna, so consider investing in a convenient antenna mount for your Jeep, such as the MicroMobile® MXTARRJK Antenna Mount, which connects directly to the factory-standard tire carrier for 2007-18 model Jeeps.

HAM Radios

HAM radios are a good choice if you are an extreme offroader who travels to remote locations by yourself. HAM radios have a long battery life which is great if you take extended trips. They also offer weather updates to keep you apprised of dangerous weather conditions. You need a license to operate a HAM radio; however, licenses are good for 10 years.

GMRS Radios

A GMRS, or general mobile radio service, is an all-around excellent communication device. With its clear transmission and far-reaching signals, you can easily communicate with other GMRS users. Many walkie-talkies and two-way radios are compatible with GMRS radios which allow for multiple methods of communication. GMRS radios do require a license and antenna. Install your GMRS radio’s antenna using the MicroMobile® MXTA21 Jeep® Wrangler Bracket Mount that fits perfectly on the back of your Jeep.

Enjoy Your Adventure!

Jeep overlanding is a challenging, relaxing, and rewarding activity that lets you get off the grid and get in touch with the great outdoors. Equipping your Jeep with the perfect communication device from Midland Radio enables you to communicate with your fellow travelers and call for help if you need it, so you can focus on the road ahead and enjoy your overlanding adventure.

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