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July 19, 2020

As the effects of the COVID-19 crisis unfold daily, it is increasingly imperative to learn how to work with these changes, especially as a business owner. Efficient communication in your business is more important now than ever. As you work through reopening your business, you are most likely implementing some form of social distancing among your employees and patrons. One of the easiest ways to do this is by keeping somewalkie talkies (akatwo-way radios) on hand for employees to use. 

Communicating with radios eliminates the need for employees to be physically close together to complete their work. The use of two-way radios also cuts down on the time customers are spending in your store and bolsters your curbside pickup operation. Radios provide you with easy access to quick answers for customers in a retail store. And for large warehouse environments, using walkie talkies lets employees communicate with coworkers without leaving their designated stations/areas. Below, we’ve detailed some of the ways in which radios can help your business communication stay up and running during the COVID-19 crisis.


Eliminate Close Proximity Between Coworkers

Social Distancing at Work

The health of your employees is so important right now. Make them feel comfortable and safe in their workspace by cutting out the need for closeness between coworkers. This can easily be done by keeping their workstations separate and ramping up their use of radios for communication.

Designated workstations help minimize cross-contamination between coworkers. If you manage a warehouse or an office, theBR200 Business Radio is a great option for communication while still maintaining social distancing. The radio is hardy and has an extensive range that will easily cover your entire warehouse. TheBR200X6BGC BizTalk Bundle allows for employees to handle their own radios, cutting out any unnecessary germ sharing. With these radios, employees can easily communicate with each other while still maintaining plenty of physical space between them.


Cut Down on the Time Customers Spend in Store

Female customer wearing face mask

We recognize that it can be difficult to limit close interactions between coworkers and patrons in customer-facing stores. If you own a restaurant or retail store, you cannot isolate employees as much as you can in an office. However, you can try your best to cut down on the time customers spend in your store by having readily available communication. Quickly retrieving answers for your customers through radio communication is one of the easiest and most effective ways to use two-way radios.

If you own a small business with many products, such as a garden center or a bookstore, theLXT600BB License Free Business Radio is the perfect option for business communication. Quickly and easily find a specific plant, book, or whatever product you sell without making customers wander through the store. This friendly helpfulness also contributes to great customer service, and your customers will remember this after the crisis ends.


Support a Strong Curbside Pickup Service 

Curbside pickup is a great idea for eliminating interactions between employees and customers—but efficient communication is crucial for creating a smooth curbside pickup operation. If you own a restaurant, pharmacy, or retail store, keep your radios on and running all day to maintain a smooth pickup service. A designated curbside attendant can easily alert other employees of customers’ arrival and can also answer any questions customers may have for those working inside the establishment.

Business Radio Earpiece

TheAVPH4 Wrap Around The Ear Headset is a perfect accessory to use while working curbside pickup. The push-to-talk button and the eVOX voice activation allow for quick communication while keeping your hands free. TheAVPH3 Surveillance Headsets offer the same performance benefits, but these come with a sleek, professional, and discreet look.

Learning how to keep business communications up and running is key during this crisis, and beyond.Midland radios and our collection oftwo way radio accessories will help immensely!

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