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April 14, 2021

If you’re a fan of off-roading, you know it's important to have a high-quality mounting system for your two-way radio. A mounting bracket helps keep your radio stable and within reach and protects the radio at the same time.

As an adventurer, you know that careful preparation is a preventative measure against unforeseen calamities. Using a mount in your vehicle to keep your two-way radio steady is an essential. Doing so helps you maintain communication with others and keep tabs on weather updates and road conditions.

What is a Mounting Bracket?

A bracket mounts your two-way radio to various locales in your automobile so that it is always at a comfortable distance from the front seats. Some are made for specific vehicles, like the Jeep® Wrangler Bracket Mount, and others have a universal fit.

Make sure the bracket you’re looking at is a fit for the two-way radio you’re using. The bracket won’t do much good if the radio doesn’t fit securely, as its primary aim is to keep the radio in a concrete position.

You only need one or two tools to quickly mount your bracket: an electric drill or screwdriver.

MicroMobile® MXTA28 Mounting Bracket


The MXTA28 is a perfect basic bracket that is suited for MXT90, MXT100, MXT105 MicroMobile® two-way radios. Its incredibly convenient and simple to set up as it’s made up of one metal piece that’s easy to mount.

Unlike many brackets, the MXTA28 is a compatible mounting bracket for many types of radios. With versatility and compatibility, this mounting bracket is already a winner; but at $14.99, the practical price point makes it even more attractive.

MicroMobile® MXTA23 Roll Bar/Mirror-Mounting Bracket 

This bracket attaches firmly to your roll bar or mirror, and at $19.99, you can’t beat the reasonable price. It’s compatible with an NMO connector, has a 2” diameter base, and comes with bolts and mounting screws.

You can also mount this piece to your vehicle's mirrors or the frame, as well as to the roll bar. It may not be compatible with a curved base (like a roll bar) larger than 2” in diameter.

MicroMobile® MXTA22 Ditch Light Extension Bracket


Made of black powdered-coated steel, the MXTA22 mounts on the ditch light – a side illumination tool on many Jeeps or outdoor recreation vehicles like pickup trucks. At $24.99, this bracket is reliable and versatile.

It’s simple to mount onto your vehicle and has a ⅜” hole to admit an NMO antenna through so that it won’t obstruct anything. It’s compatible with an MXTA24 antenna cable and will keep any Midland two-way radio models stock-still, even when you’re offroading deep in the backcountry.

MicroMobile® MXTA21 Jeep® Wrangler Bracket Mount

This mounting bracket attaches to the 2017 to 2018 Jeep® Wrangler. Made specifically for this rugged vehicle, the mount attaches directly to the hood on the driver’s side, right in front of the driver’s side mirror.

At $39.99, the MXTA21 comes with two Jeep® screws that fit both the bracket and vehicle. If you have a Jeep® and want a two-way radio mounting bracket made for your vehicle, look no further than the Midland MXTA21.

Make the Right Mounting Bracket Choice at Midland

Having a two-way radio isn’t helpful to you in the backcountry if you can’t get your hands on it when you need it most. Radios are the communication lifeline in the wild, either with other members of your party or to hear the latest weather updates from the NOAA.

Choose a practically priced, reliable, and well-designed mounting bracket that fits your radio and can mount onto a variety of locales, like the roll bar, ditch light, or frame of your vehicle. Once you have your bracket mounted and your two-way radio fit snugly in its protective base, you’ll wonder how you ever survived without it.

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