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May 11, 2023

Summer is right around the corner and it's the perfect time to start planning your off-road adventures. Midland Radio will be right there with you as its GMRS two-way radios bring reliable communication to any adventure.

Shop Midland's must-have GMRS two-way radios and our list of off-road parks  to visit this summer.


MXT575 MicroMobile® Two-Way Radio

Power up communication for every adventure with Midland's MXT575 GMRS two-way radio.

Packing a punch with 50 Watts of power, the MXT575 is the most powerful radio allowed by law.

The MXT575 also features a Fully-Integrated Control Microphone. This means all the controls are on the mic and users can hide the radio unit away under the passenger seat, in the center console, etc. With the Fully-Integrated Control Microphone, off-roaders can avoid a crowded dashboard space. 

With USB-C charging, you can easily charge your walkie talkies, tablets, and cellphones with the fastest charge time there is.

Also equipped with NOAA Weather Radio, the MXT575 will bring you the latest, most accurate information straight from the National Weather Service. With this information, off-roaders will have the ability to take safety into their own hands and seek shelter if necessary.

The MXT575 also has eight repeater channels, is split tone repeater capable, and operates on both wide and narrow bands. 


MXT115 MicroMobile® Two-Way Radio

Bring reliable and clear communication straight to your fingertips with Midland's MXT115 GMRS two-way radio.

With 15 Watts of power, the MXT115 is perfect for any adventure.

The MXT115's installation is as plug and play as it gets, only taking 10 minutes or so because of its ability to plug in through a car's DC adapter.

Featuring all eight repeater GMRS channels, the MXT115 is Split Tone Repeater capable, making it easier to extend range if a repeater is nearby. 

Equipped with NOAA Weather Radio, off-roaders will get the latest, most accurate information about severe weather in their area straight from the National Weather. This gives adventurers the ability to take safety into their own hands.

With its USB-C charging port, devices like cellphones, walkie talkies, and tablets will get the fasted charge time available. 

Compatible with all Midland FRS and GMRS handheld two-way radios, the MXT115 is versatile on the trails.


GXT1000VP4 Two-Way GMRS Radio

With the GXT1000 in tow, off-roaders can bring GMRS level communication with them in and out of the vehicle, making navigating obstacles or mastering recoveries easy as can be.

These walkie talkies are the number one selling handheld two-way radios in the country and for good reason. Fit with Midland's Xtreme Range technology, users can go further along their adventures.

The GXT1000 is JIS4 waterproof- meaning adventurers can keep connected in any environment and elements.  

Packed with other features like NOAA Weather Radio, an SOS Siren, and 28 extra channels, the GXT1000 GMRS two-way radios will transform any adventure.



School's out so summer is the perfect time to get the whole family together to explore some of the most exquisite off-road trails across the United States.

Midland Radio rounded up some of the top off-road parks in the U.S.


Located in the Palo Duro Canyon of Texas, Merus Adventure offers the terrain of four different geological time periods.

Navigating sand, sandstone, red dirt, rock, stone, clay, and more, visitors will explore this truly unique land that is hard to find anywhere else. 

However, the Merus' signature terrain is red dirt along the floor of the canyon. This will challenge off-roaders' skills as they take in the beauty of the canyon.

Off-roaders can take in several different trails at different levels of difficulty with over 50 plus miles to explore.

A GMRS two-way radio is required before you head out on the trails.

MERUS offers up accommodations such as tent and overland sites, glamping sites, RV sites, and cabins available for renting.



Located south of Seymour, Missouri, just outside of Springfield SMORR is one of the most expansive off-road parks in the Midwest. 

SMORR is home to 940 plus acres of off-roading adventures. 

With terrain fit for all levels of off-roaders, there is something for everyone at SMORR.

Those taking to the trails at SMORR will settle into the backcountry, taking in high points, rolling hills, and stunning vistas of the Missouri Ozarks. Adventurers might even come across some wildlife such as black bears, white tail deer, turkeys, and armadillos. 

Campsites and cabins are available for rentals at SMORR.



Nestled in Mapleton, Kansas, this park has over 380 acres of 4x4 off-road trails, mountain biking, hiking, and camping.

The 380 acres is home to multi-directional, diverse terrain where adventurers can find rock obstacles, wooded trails, gravel, mud, and even more rocks! Across the parks, visitors can choose between 65 trails that will challenge off-roaders of any experience and skill level.

Kansas Rocks even offers 101 courses for those new to off-roading. 

The park offers RV sites, tent camping, and fire pits for visitors that require reservations.



Head down south for a trip full of adventure.

Located in Oliver Springs, Tennessee, Windrock Park has over 300 miles of trails for every off-roader.

Travel along the trails that are built for every off-roader including Easy, Moderate, Difficult, and Extremely Difficult. 

Take your off-roading to new levels by conquering Windrock's dirt and rocks.

Windrock Park also boasts a full service campground, shooting range, mountain bike park, and a general store.


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