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October 25, 2022

Fall hunting season is in full swing whether it be deer, turkey, and pheasant.

Whether you're in a bigger group or with one other person, Midland Radio will make grabbing a prize easier with the use of two-way radios.

Shop our hunting season must-have items to ensure communication that will only take your hunt to new levels.

X-Talker T75VP3 Two-Way Radio

Grab these walkie talkies that will transform your hunting trip.

Midland's X-Talker T75VP3 Two-Way Radio has all the tools you need for reliable, rugged communication that will improve your efficiency including impressive battery life, a desktop charger, Xtreme Range, and Weather Alert Radio with Weather Scan.

You can count on these walkie talkies to bring communication when your cellphone has little to no service. While you're in the most remote of locations looking for your next prize, Midland's walkie talkies are known for clarity.

Easily grab these walkie talkies to communicate with your entire party if you've grabbed your bird, are planning out where to set up for the best results, or are carvanning on the road. With push to talk communication, you're able to talk to everyone without waiting for a text message or for others to answer a phone call.

The T75s also feature a vibrate alert so your communication doesn't scare the animals. You'll also be able to choose from five animal call alerts that will prove to be helpful along the way. Not to mention these walkie talkies come covered in Midland Radio's famous Mossy Oak® Break Up Country Camo pattern.


GXT1050VP4 Two-Way Radio

If you're looking to find the most powerful handheld walkie talkies, then the GXT1050VP4 Two-Way Radios are for you. 

As these walkies are GMRS, they pack a punch with impressive range to make sure you can push the limits while on the hunt. It's that range that brings clarity no matter how remote the location you find yourself in.

The GXT1050 also features privacy codes, an SOS siren, NOAA Weather Alert Radio and Weather Scan, and 10 different call alerts for when people in your group are looking to notify you.

Coming fit in our Mossy Oak® Break-Up Country Camouflage pattern, the GXT1050 walkie talkies will help you fit right in off the beaten path. With five animal call alerts including turkey, duck, crow, cougar, and wolf, those you're hunting won't be thrown off.

ER40 Emergency Crank Radio

It's important you keep safety top of mind before, during, and after the hunt.

Weather can pop up unexpectedly and without cellphone service, you might not receive the alerts on your phone. With Midland's ER40 Emergency Crank Radio, you'll get the most accurate alerts from the National Weather Service and local emergency officials through NOAA Weather Radio. 

If you're headed out on the hunt early in the morning before sunrise, grab this emergency radio to use the flashlight to guide you through the darkness. It also has an SOS strobe so if you find yourself in need of rescue, this emergency radio will come in handy.

With multiple sources of sustainable power, don't worry about this radio losing battery life when you need it most.

Midland's ER40 Emergency Crank Radio will give you peace of mind that you're safe so you're able to enjoy the hunt without worry.




Check with your state's department of conservation to learn more about the firearm and archery hunting seasons. 


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