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December 20, 2022

As temperatures drop across the country, it's time for skiers, snowboarders, and backcountry explorers are heading out to hit the fresh powder.

Midland Radio partners with outdoor adventurers who share their experiences, tips, and favorite gear.

Follow some of Midland Radios partners.


Banks is a splitboarder in the state of Washington. He's been taking to the backcountry and splitboarding for over 10 years.

He also works with the Idaho Panhandle Avalanche Center to help others learn about how to safely navigate the backcountry.



Ford is a photographer that travels to beautiful destinations, often capturing photos of outdoor adventurers.

Following Ford means photos that will inspire you to find an adventure of your own.



This Irish-born adventurer currently calls Los Angeles home, but still finds a way to hit the road to enjoy the outdoors.

Because he's visited over 114 countries, he's sure to offer a unique look into his life and travels.



Based in Austria, Jessica takes her followers with her throughout all of her adventurers. 

Take a trip with her down the slopes by following her!



This first responder is a mountain lover and foodie.

No matter the season or weather, she's sure to find adventure wherever she goes.



Delvecchio is an adventurer, fly fisher, and snowboarder.

She takes her followers with her to some seriously cool locations as she hits the slopes.

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