August 31, 2023

Farmer, Leann Meyers uses Midland two-way radios on her operation to create independence for her kids and improve efficiency all around.

She shares her two-way radio experience with Midland Radio.


Leann Meyer and her family run a hay and cattle operation in mid-Missouri. 

“We’re probably quite a few generations, but my husband is for sure third generation. I’ve always lived in a rural community, but we were never directly involved in agriculture. When I met my husband, started dating, and we got married, I kind of just fell into the lifestyle.”

For her farming is all about family.

“My favorite part about farming is the time we get to spend together as a family working on the farm. It makes working fun to be able to do it with your loved ones. Being able to raise our kids up in the agricultural lifestyle with the values and the beliefs like hard work that we get to instill in them makes it worth it.”

Meyer said there isn't one particular time of year that is busier than others as each season brings different tasks. 

“In August, we practice rotational grazing so we are moving our cattle groups from pasture to pasture, manage grass, and soil to keep everything healthy and productive. We’re also gearing up for fall calving which happens in September through October. “

She wants people to know that cattle provide an important resource to the health of the environment.

“Cattle actually give back to the environment. They help with the carbon cycle, they are upcyclers, nothing goes to waste whenever you look at what a cow does. Everything has a purpose. They help fertilize the ground, They take human waste food products, they put everything back into the nature system.”



The family utilizes Midland Radio’s MXT500AGVP3 Farm Bundle, MXT115AGVP3 MicroMobile® Farm Tractor Bundle, and the X-Talker T71VP3 Two-Way Radio to handle communication on the farm. The two-way radios give her peace of mind as her kids begin doing more on the farm.

“For us, our kids are getting older and are getting more responsibilities. It’s important to be able to communicate with them when they’re out doing some of their own chores. They don’t have cellphones so that’s our means of communication with them if they’re out checking a water for us or as they get older, getting more responsibilities moving cattle and whatnot. Two-way radios help us keep in communication with them. “

Midland’s two-way radios have also improved their ability to get things done quickly and efficiently.

“The two-way radios are a great way to work and manage the cattle operation no matter what we’re doing. It’s an easy way to stay in contact with one another to make sure everybody knows what the plan is, everyone can ask questions, and so we can make sure things get done quickly and efficiently.”

Meyer said she’s only seen improvement from the use of two-way radios.

“I wish we would have gotten them sooner.”



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Check out our Agriculture page for the best two-way radios for the farm.



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