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September 28, 2023

Rebecca Hilby, an argiculture partner of Midland Radio is gearing up for harvest season. She shares how Midland's two-way radios are helping keep the family connected. 


Hilby lives on a farm with her husband and three children in Hazel Green, Wisconsin. It's her husband's grandparents' farm. There, they raise bottle calves, steers, corn, soybeans, and enough hay for all their animals.

Hilby didn't grow up on a farm, but was part of 4H.

One day at a meeting a farmer asked if they wanted to show cows.

"We just said yes. It was the beginning of everything for me," Hilby said.

After that, she went on to study dairy science. Upon graduating, Hilby got a job at a dairy farm.Hilby is passionate about what she does. She enjoys farming because no two days are the same.
“I love just getting to work with the land and the animals. Everyday is a little different. You have a routine everyday, but it’s still different because you never know what cow is going to get out or whatnot.”



September is all about re-grouping and preparing for a busy few weeks ahead.

“September is going to be us getting ready for harvest. We’re hoping to get fifth crop hay in September as well. We have our steers that are still on pasture and will come off. We’ve got piglets that are growing really fast. 

Harvest typically begins in late September or early October.

Getting to work outside is a plus.
“You can enjoy the weather even if it’s not nice out. I just love being out there," she said.


With the help of Midland two-way radios, harvest communication is as seamless as possible. The Hilbys chose Midland's two-way radios because they're reliable. 

“The quality is top-notch. Everything that we’ve used we’ve had great luck with. There are so many options of different radios to choose from too," she said.

They use Midland's MXT115 MicroMobile Two-Way Radios in their tractors, skid loaders, and 5x5. The family uses Midland's X-Talker T71VP3 Two-Way Radio elsewhere on the farm.

The MicroMobiles are her favorite product.

“I really like the range on the MicroMobiles installed in the skid loader and tractor. The quality of the sound that comes through them is incredible. We can talk back and forth and they come through clear.”

Midland’s two-way radios also keep the family connected.

“When we’re busy, they don’t get to see us as much when we’re in the field, but we can easily reach all three kids. It helps too with the kids when they’re doing homework and we’re in the barn, they can ask us questions when they need to. We can all just keep in touch when we’re really busy.”

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