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January 26, 2021

Using a walkie talkie immediately brings back memories from childhood, like trips to treehouses, summer camp, and long afternoon games of Capture the Flag. One thing all these memories have in common is that one of those kids usually had a walkie talkie in their pocket. Walkie talkies aren’t just nostalgic; they’re also a great communication tool that promotes outdoor activities, learning a fun lingo, and protects your family’s privacy. Here are five more reasons to give family walkie talkies in communication a try.

1. Retains Your Family’s Privacy

You can use a simplex radio system such as the walkie talkie to keep in touch with your family members over short distances. Family radios connect walkie talkies and don't require a fixed infrastructure.

A family radio system does double-duty because it also keeps your family safe from any privacy breaches that can happen with a more complicated cellphone. Walkie talkies use radio frequencies determined by the FCC, but you can make sure that you won’t be sharing your conversations with anyone else on the airwaves by using privacy codes.

2. Makes Kids Independent

You may not want your kids to have a very expensive pocket computer, but you still want to communicate with them. Family radios are a good compromise.

You don’t need to expose your kids to the World Wide Web to keep track of them. With walkie talkies, you can keep in touch as a group without having to pay for a phone or data plan. It helps your kids branch out and gain independence as well.

It is also much quicker to get your family’s attention. In just a few beeps, you can raise someone on their walkie without having to remember phone numbers. With a simplex system of walkie talkies, you can have direct communication with real-time responses.

3. They’re Hard to Destroy

No matter the ages of your children, walkie talkies are pretty indestructible. Made from durable plastic, many systems come in bright colors and with belt clips to make access easy.

Their toughness also means you can include all the young ones in your family, even the smallest tykes, to join in on the fun activities.

4. Promotes Outdoor Activities

radio on backpack

Camping, skiing, or just calling your kid to lunch, walkie talkies are an incredibly useful way to convey information. Lots of families have found that, when trying to ski in a group, having your phone out at every junction of a trail is illogical. A walkie talkie clipped to your ski gear is the perfect way to navigate the trails.

Kayaking or canoeing is another arena where walkie talkies are extremely beneficial. If you’re in another boat, you don’t want to have to wait at every bend in the river to agree on directionals. With walkie talkies, you can transmit the plan immediately, without costly delays.

5. Introduces Fun Lingo

Using walkie talkie lingo is fun for kids and parents alike. Learning the lingo used over the radio frequencies can be a fun bonding experience as well. You could also be helping your kids learn a valuable skill for their future careers if they ever work in TV or on a movie set.

Ideal for families, the X-TALKER T20X4 Walkie Talkie set from Midland U.S.A comes in a 4-pack with helpful belt clips. Each walkie talkie is a different vibrant color your kids will love.

t20x4 radios

The Takeaway

If you want a clear and direct way to communicate with your family over short distances, a 4-pack of simple-to-use and durable walkie talkies are ideal.

Take them camping, skiing, or use them to communicate from one floor of your house to another. Walkie talkies can keep you and your family connected.

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