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December 21, 2018

A base station is usually a pricey piece of equipment for serious HAM operators and enthusiasts alike. When it comes to traditional radio base stations you are often limited by options, have to pass a HAM test, and pay an arm and a leg. A more accessible and affordable option is to turn your MicroMobile into a GMRS radio base station!

Instead of spending upwards of $400 for a dual-band base station why not convert your compact and powerful MicroMobile into your own base station at a fraction of the price?

Converting Your MicroMobile into a Base Station

micromobile base station in retrofitted ammo can Image from Hardened Power Systems

With the MicroMobile you have a variety of power and price options--including the most powerful GMRS Radio on the market.

It’s easy to convert your MicroMobile into a base station. Since our MicroMobiles include “plug and play” antennas (excluding MXT400) that work straight out of the box, you don’t need to fuss with a SWR meter. If the antenna included with your MicroMobile doesn’t give you the range you desire, you can significantly increase your range with a gain antenna -- a 6db of gain will give you 4 times the power!

Converting your MicroMobile into a base station is easy! All you need is an external power supply and you’re ready to go! Below you'll find the power converters you'll need to modify your MicroMobile into a base station.


MXT90, MXT100, MXT105, MXTTR, & MXT115:

These units require at least a 13.8V 5 amp external power supply like this AC-to-DC converter.



This high powered unit require a little more juice from the converter. You will need at least a 13.8V 10 amp power supply converter.


Multiple Radios with Varying Components:

Many radio hobbyists have multiple radios. This AC-to-DC power converter uses universal hardwired screw-type terminals to accommodate a variety of devices and radios.


For The Maverick:

Our MicroMobiles and antennas are pre-programmed so they're ready to go straight out of the box. However, if you’re an avid radio operator and want to do your own testing, then this is the power converter to use with your MicroMobile unit.


Prefab MicroMobile Base Station Products from Hardened Power Systems:

Some of us find the fun in assembling our toys and equipment. Others of us leave the assembly to the professionals. If you’re the latter, then check out these rugged and re-purposed ammo cans converted into base stations that are custom made to house Midland’s MicroMobiles.

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