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January 20, 2021

While any walkie talkie can be used for business, not all two way radios are suited for business communication. Business two way radios are widely used because they have a dedicated frequency and use encrypted communication, making them secure lines of communication. While walkie talkies are fine for some businesses—for instance, a pilot car within the line of sight of a construction crew—they have some major shortcomings.

Benefits of Business Two Way Radios

BizTalk MB400 Business Radio man in high-vis construction vest standing near equipement holding business two way radio

Business two-way radios for security use a form of digital rather than analog communication and require an FCC license. Business radios are more expensive than non-business walkie talkies, but have several upsides.

The primary advantages to a business two way radio system are privacy, extended range, longer battery life, and durability. These feature-rich communication tools also offer one-to-one or group-to-one communication options.

Some two way radios--like GMRS radios--can use a broker called a repeater, which allows the signal to reach much farther than between handheld walkie talkies. The repeater (you can use more than one) is a middleman, so that the signal goes from radio 1 to the repeater, and is then sent to radio 2 (or a group of radios). For longer distances, two way radio users can employ a radio tower to “broker” the signal, acting as a much more powerful kind of repeater.

Secure Communication with Business Radios

Walkie talkies are great for communication over short distances when privacy isn’t a factor, such as chatting between two vehicles on a road trip, or for construction or quarry workers. Business owners understand that communication is vital to smooth operations and choose business two way radios as a straightforward and secure method for employee communication.

A business two way radio will keep information secure because it has two vital capacities that basic walkie talkies don’t. First, business two way radio systems can digitally encrypt data. Second, these secure two-way radios can be programmed to use your designated business band channel(s).

By using secure channels and data encryption, schools, hospitals, security companies, and other organizations can safely and privately communicate without worrying about interference from consumer radios.

This increased security does mean that business radios require an FCC license and greater expense. For most moderate to large businesses the overall communication costs are lower in the long run. We recommend looking at your business communication needs, and considering a two way radio from Midland's Biztalk line to increase security and keep conversations between employees private.


License-Free Business Walkie Talkies

Midland License Free Business Radio businessman using license free business walkie talkie with earpiece

The secure communication and higher prices of business two way radios may be more than what some businesses need. License-free business walkie talkies, while less secure, can provide reliable communication for businesses and organizations looking for a more affordable alternative to traditional business radios.


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