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January 25, 2022

Midland Radio Corporation’s MXT500 MicroMobile Two-Way Radio is a huge hit with emergency managers. In disasters, EM’s rely on volunteer groups like CERT to direct traffic, distribute first aid, food and clothing, and assist first responders. Members of CERT, the Community Emergency Response Team, buy inexpensive FRS or GMRS walkie-talkie radios and with an MXT500 unit in their vehicle, emergency managers can speak to all of the in-range CERT volunteers at once.

Why is the MXT500 so popular?  At 50 watts, it is the highest-powered GMRS transceiver on the market, providing excellent coverage across wide terrain.  It’s our best radio for farms and ranches, for outdoor activity, and for public safety and emergency management.

The MXT500 mounts in your vehicle, and looks like a CB radio.  But this is not the old Citizens Band.  The FRS and GMRS frequencies were designed to deliver better signals and stronger, clearer communications.  An external antenna boosts your range, and in line-of-sight situations the signal coverage is phenomenal.


    • Overlanders and off-road enthusiasts wanting to stay in touch from miles away
    • Ranchers and farmers, communicating truck-to-truck and truck-to-house
    • ATV riders and outback hunters
    • Scout leaders maintaining comms with their troops
    • Emergency managers communicating with disaster workers
    • Outdoor event organizers

A single MXT500 unit mounted in one vehicle creates a “command post” that allows you to send a strong clear signal to any brand FRS/GMRS walkie-talkie radio.  As crowded as your event may be, the MXT500 broadcasts to all available receivers, instantaneously, often exceeding the range of older CB radios.  That’s why many consider it the CB of the 21st century: it’s smaller, clearer, more powerful, and it allows you to talk to an unlimited number of walkie-talkie radios in your vicinity.

Looking for a quality comms unit with cutting-edge features that is rugged and compact enough to fit in any vehicle? Look no further than the Midland MXT500, the most powerful GMRS transmitter allowed by law. In line-of-sight applications, it rocks!

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