September 26, 2019

For many, becoming an overlander is a dream come true. Luckily for those who aren’t there yet, social media provides us with a glorified lens into the overlanding and offroading lifestyle. These are the best Instagrams to follow to keep tabs on the top overlanders as they make their way across the U.S. and beyond.

12 of the Best Instagrams for Off Roading Enthusiasts

We all need a little motivation and escapism in our lives, and following these overlanding Instagrams are sure to do the trick to your feed! Happy scrolling!



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A post shared by Mountain State Overland ? (@msoverland) on

Mountain State Overland is in Lewisburg, West Virginia. Their goal is to share the love for the Mountain States and influence others to explore their worlds. To see their adventures and experiences give them a follow!

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A post shared by Desk To Glory (@desktoglory) on

Richard of @desktoglory got started with overlanding after he took a trip from Canada to Argentina. Along the way he wrote 120+ blogs about the trip. The funny thing is when started the adventure, he knew nothing, he set up the roof top tent for the first time the first day of the trip, and he hasn’t looked back since. You can follow him and his wife Ashley (@desktop_ash) as they travel the world in their 1990 Toyota pickup truck.

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Full-time overlanders, Ernesto and Taisa, have traveled all over with their Toyota 4Runner. Over the last 4 years they have traveled internationally across 23 countries. Currently they are traveling through North America exploring some the best-off road trails, so give them a follow and see their adventure!

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If you you’re a Jeep enthusiast, you will get your fix with @overlndx! Marco posts a mix of rock crawling, off-roading, and overlanding in his Jeep Wrangler Rubicon. His passion for nature, wild camping, and the overlanding community shows in his posts. Give him a follow so he can show you his adventures!




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James and Justin over at @rockcreekoverland have created an adventure and expedition-based media group. The group has been involved in off-roading, outdoors, and camping for years, so overlanding was a natural progression for them as a team. As a group, they love getting to experience lesser seen areas away from the beaten path. If you want to see great outdoor photography, this is one of the best Instagram 4x4 accounts to follow.

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A post shared by BOLD Overland ? (@boldoverland) on

With his off-roading teardrop trailer in tow, exploring the great outdoors with like-minded fellow adventures is what @boldoverland loves about overlanding. When they aren’t hitting the trails, they’re teaching fellow 4x4 enthusiasts about gear, like radios for off-roading and recovery equipment, technique on the trail, and how to tread lightly. They have a mix of I4WDTA trainers and Tread Lightly Master Treat Trainers on their team. For any tips and tricks on overlanding, this is the team to follow!

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A post shared by ADVENTURE OVRLND (@adventure.ovrlnd) on

Chase is just a regular dude on a mission to explore new places, live life to the fullest, and experience new adventures. The best advice he can give to anyone who wants to overland is it’s not about having every mod known to man or every component possible bolted to your rig but having fun and making incredible memories and experiences. Follow him and his 2016 TRD Off-Road Tacoma Double Cab as they hit the trails for new adventures!

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This is another Instagram that all Jeep enthusiasts will love. @theadventureportal1 is best known for telling visual stories of her backcountry experience in her 2014 AEV Jeep Wrangler Unlimited. Throughout her Instagram you will see the various places that she travels. Her best advice is to slow down and breathe.

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A post shared by Our Overland Life (@ouroverlandlife) on

Brett and Liz of @ouroverlandlife travel the roads full-time in their 2011 Toyota Tundra and 2013 Toyota Tacoma. They had been traveling like this for years and finally found out there was a name for it: overlanding. So, from then on it seemed to be a natural progression. Throughout their adventures they capture the amazing people and have been to unforgettable places.

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A post shared by Ken Hoglund (@hoglundoverland) on

Ken first started off with off-roading, which led to camping, and four years later he found himself with a 2015 Toyota Tacoma overland build! He calls Utah home, and loves to overland in the Utah Mountains. The farthest trip he’s ever traveled was all the way to Alaska. Ken is a nature photographer with an overland addiction!

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A post shared by Alex Fleming (@a.flemster) on

Located in Fort Collins, CO, Alex loves to take his 2000 Toyota 4Runner to the Colorado High County or the Utah Desert. He looks forward to the freedom of being out on new roads and trails and exploring new places. Most of the time you can find him working on his rig, and he will be sure to share with you everything he is adding!

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12. @nomadoverland


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A post shared by Travel, Overland, Photography (@nomadoverland) on

One of the best Instagrams for the best views of overland adventures is @nomadoverland. Chris takes stunning photos throughout his expeditions as he travels in his 2008 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited X. Chris has always loved traveling and loves getting into areas that are less traveled. As you can see from his page, there are amazing views to be had off the beaten path.

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