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Overland Teardrop Trailers: The Perfect Combination of a Camping Classic and Modern Off Road Adventure

Do you want to expand your horizons and leave the asphalt and RV hook-ups? Does the van life intrigue you, but you don’t want to commit to buying a new vehicle? Or maybe your offroad rig needs more space. If any of those ring true, then overland teardrop trailers are for you. Although, these beefy trailers are modeled after the camper classic — they’re anything but vintage.  Built to handle whatever terrain you’re on these trailers are virtually a 4×4 hotel room.

Overland teardrop trailers allow your campsite to go wherever you do

Designed with the offroader in mind, these trailers have increased ground clearance, reinforced cabins, and adjustable shocks. Don’t let the compact size fool you! These trailers offer sleeping quarters, ample storage, and a galley. Typically sleeping 2 comfortably, you can easily expand your sleeping capacity by adding a rooftop tent so you have room for the whole family.

Companies like Oregon Trail’R can build one of these sturdy little trailers for you. You can choose from set builds or customize a build with add-on options. Or you can have a fully custom built trailer. It’s easy to optimize your trailer with roof racks and bike racks so you can still bring your bikes, kayaks, and SUP boards.

Van life is all the rage right now, but living, working, and commuting in a van is not practical for most people. Those of us who work 9-5 can have the best of both worlds with an offroading teardrop trailer. It’s small enough to park in a garage or driveway and easy to keep packed with all your camping gear. After work on Friday, you can run home, hook up the trailer, and hit the road like the backcountry weekend warrior you are.

Boondock in style and comfort with one of these small but mighty campers.

– Kayla Haas, Midland Adventures Contributor