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March 07, 2019

You spend all year getting ready for hunting season. You’ve been watching that trophy buck on your trail cameras all summer. You’ve set up your tree stand in the perfect spot. You’ve sighted in your rifle. What about your communication? We know cell phones can be unreliable in the woods and two way radios are the best for hunting. Walkie talkies are an easy and reliable way to communicate with your hunting - not to mention more durable that a cell phone.

Features of the Best Hunting Radios

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Two way radios can help you stay connected while hunting without sacrificing your communication. When shopping for a new two way radio that’s best for hunting, there are a important features to keep in mind.


Arguably one of the most important features to consider when shopping for the best hunting radios for you. The range of your handheld two way radio is dependent upon the terrain. Things like forests, boulders, and mountains can restrict your range. Look for the best long range radio for hunting that can better cope with obstructions.

Having clear reception, transmission, and sound will give you peace of mind whether hunting the open fields of the Midwest, the rocky terrain of the West, or dense forests of the East.


Rugged, high-quality durable products. There’s a chance your radio will encounter rain and even being dropped from the tree stand. You need a tough handheld radio that can withstand some abuse.

Keep an eye out for tough radios with shockproof and waterproof design.

Silent Operation

Not being seen or heard is key to a successful hunt. When your two way radio is SILENT OPERATION mode, all of the “beeps” and “tones” are disabled. Most radios come loaded with all the bells and whistles -- figuratively and literally. When hunting, you want to take advantage of all of the radio’s features without hearing the various alerts and sounds.

Being able to easily disable these sounds without losing functionality is important when looking for the best radios or walkie talkies for hunting.

NOAA Weather Features

Midland’s signature Weather Scan feature automatically scans and locks onto the strongest signal from the National Weather Service to give you important weather information when you are the most exposed. Weather safety should always be taken seriously, but it is even more critical when in the wilderness -- especially if your sitting up in a tree stand.


This is more of a fun bonus feature than a necessity. Depending on the type of hunting you’re doing this may be important. If you only deer hunt, having a reliable walkie talkie with a colored faceplate is fine. However, if you’re chasing gobblers, then having a camouflaged radio would be ideal.

Stay Legal and Ethical

While it’s not illegal to use a handheld two way radio when out hunting, but there are some hunting regulations. According to Jim Kropp, Enforcement Division Chief with Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks in Helena, ‘‘You can use them for safety purposes, to call your buddies or your kids. You can have contact with them on their locations...They’re legal to use as long as you’re not calling someone engaged in hunting and telling them where game animals are and how to get them. You cannot use them to hunt. Hunt means to pursue, shoot, wound, kill, chase, lure, possess or capture big game or upland birds.’’

Please check your local hunting regulations and use common sense to ensure your hunt is both ethical and legal.

Midland’s Best Hunting Radios

Midland - Outdoors Lifestyle

As our preferred camo, many of our handheld radios come with Mossy Oak patterns because like most passionate hunters we love dependable camouflage products.

X-Talker Walkie Talkies

Our X-Talker walkies talkies are a favorite among hunters for their impressive range while still operating as a license-free FRS radio. From full camo to just a camo faceplate, you can choose the amount of Mossy Oak® Break-Up Country camo that’s right for you.

GXT Handheld Two Way Radio

This powerful radio is perfect for those hunters who require maximum range and durability. The GXT1050VP4 has the most power allowed for a handheld GMRS two way radio. Don’t forget your GMRS license for this powerful radio.

Other Midland Products for Hunting Camp

The need for reliable communication and weather alerts doesn’t stop once you get back to camp. Using a radio like the XT511 GMRS Base Camp will allow you to connect with your hunting buddies who are still out in the hunting blind or tree stand. The GMRS Base Camp is a powerful communication tool that is compatible with other FRS and GMRS radios.

Another great addition to your rig and hunting camp is a reliable handcrank emergency radio, like the full-size ER310 and compact ER210.

Both the GMRS Base Camp and our emergency radios feature multiple power sources, a USB connector to recharge your cell phone, and NOAA weather alerts.

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