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January 25, 2024

There's still plenty of time to take to the outdoors for winter adventure. 

Before embarking on winter adventure, it's crucial to ensure you have all the right gear to make safety, communication, and connection a priority. 

Shop Midland's top winter gear favorites for fun-filled adventure.


The Arktik™ Down Parka

Take on the coldest temperatures while keeping warm in Kuhl's Arktik series.

Whether you're hitting the slopes, cross-country skiing, or winter camping, this jacket is built to stand up to the test of winter's gnarliest conditions.

Kuhl designed the jackets with the mountains in mind with a goal of delivering technical performance with a heavy-duty edge.  

The jacket's features include down-insulated warmth with an RDS-Certified Down rating, abrasion resistance, water-resistant finish, and wind-resistant materials.



DFLD40111 Large Furnace

Don't let the cold keep you from a life full of adventure. 

Dometic's Large Furnance boasts a quiet operation due to reduced air turbulence. 

This furnace will allow adventurers to continue to explore the great outdoors even if there's snow on the ground or the temperatures drop below freezing. 

To ensure a simple and flexible installation, it can be placed vertically or horizontally. 

The access door and thermostat are sold separately. 




Be prepared for emergencies, injuries, illness, or more while adventuring through winter's toughest conditions. 

This first aid kit is equipped with life-saving supplies like bandages, medication, hydration, tourniquets, gauze and more. 

The kit is waterproof, dustproof, and crushproof so the gear inside will stay protected from the elements, like snow and ice. 

Embark on adventure with peace of mind knowing you'll have the tools should anything go wrong. 



onX Backcountry

Hit the slopes with the ultimate app full of maps.

This app provides adventurers with the necessary information to plan their next hike, ski, etc. 

With the help of onX Backcountry, users can discover routes for a day of adventure or a multi-day trip.

Adventurers can use onX to confidently get out and get back home safely.



GXT1030VP4 Two-Way GMRS Radio

Hit the slopes for adventure with reliable communication. 

These GMRS handheld two-way radios equipped with Xtreme Range Technology bring powerful communication that'll keep winter adventurers connected as they explore the outdoors. 

With NOAA Weather Radio, the GXT1030 brings its users the latest information straight from the National Weather Service, ensuring safety. Be it an avalanche warning, tornado, severe thunderstorm, etc., GXT1030 users will get the information right away. 

Not to mention, the GXT1030 also boasts an SOS Siren that allows users to send out a distress/locator signal in an emergency. 

Midland's GXT1030s feature a bold yellow faceplate so they're easy to spot if dropped in the snow. With the JIS4 Waterproof rating, the GXT1030s will perform against light rain or splashing water. 

Instantly communicate with friends as you make your way the slopes, take rides on the snow mobiles, or set up a fire at the campsite. Push-to-talk communication has never been easier. 

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