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August 30, 2022

Midland Radio recently launched its MXPW500- Ammo Can for MXT500, MXPW115- Ammo Can for MXT115, and MXPW01- Solar Panel.

The new base stations bring reliable, durable, and clear communication to wherever you might go. Paired with the solar panel, the base stations have an impressive battery life and quick re-charge.

Outdoor expert, Zak Al-Shawish brought the MXPW500 and MXPW01 with him to the Big Iron Overland Rally


While at the Big Iron Overland Rally, Zak Al-Shawish set up the MXPW500 and MXPW01. 

He brought his kids with him on the trip and gave each a walkie talkie. This set up allowed the kids to venture out on their own.

“I would stay at the campsite and let them go explore in the woods a little bit. This allowed them the freedom to go gather firewood. When I needed to contact them, I could just pick up the MXT500 that was within the MXPW500 Ammo Can Base Station," he said.

Because of the MXT500, the communication between Al-Shawish and his kids was clear despite being within a mile radius.

“The kids could hear me no problem. They were able to reply back. When I was ready for them to come in, that’s how I called them back.”

The Ammo Can Base Stations also meant keeping other devices powered up at the campsite. 

“Not only does the Ammo Can Base Station bring untethered communication, but it also offers power. You need some kind of power when you’re camping, but you don’t have that. This gives you access to that to some degree. You can charge your phone, you can power your small electronics with it and with the solar, it’s sustainable for days.”

With the high temperatures on this trip, Al-Shawish used the base stations to keep cool at night.

“I used the Ammo Can Base Station to put my fan on me because It’s very hot in the tent and I need airflow. I used the fan to keep me cool during the night. It really came in handy.”


One of Al-Shawish's favorite features is the powerful battery- there is a 10Ah LifePo4 built into the base station. 

“The battery lasts forever. It was hot and sunny so we had the Ammo Can Base Station hooked up to the solar panel. It was keeping its full battery life all day long.”

Al-Shawish couldn't believe how fast the solar panel charged up the base station's power supply. 

"It actually seemed to be as fast or faster than the A/C charger or even the wall outlet. I was just shocked by how powerful and effective that solar panel is.”

He suspected in the warm, sunny weather, he could have run the base station for hours. 

“Because it was so sunny and hot, we never ran out of power with the solar panel. It would have lasted indefinitely in those conditions.”

Al-Shawish plans to bring the Ammo Can Base Station and Solar Panel with him on every future trip.

“I’ve got my camping bundle that I get together every time I head out. It’s part of that now. With the Ammo Can Base Station, I’ve got my power supply and I’ve got my comms. Not to mention it’s super durable.”

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