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Midland Advances Emergency Crank Weather Radio Market

Kansas City, Mo. – Midland Radio Corporation, a leading supplier of all-hazard/weather alert radios, introduced today two new devices in its line-up of emergency crank weather alert radios, the ER300 and the ER200.

“With multiple sustainable power sources, an extremely bright flashlight that uses Cree®* LED technology, and an ultrasonic dog whistle, the ER300 is ideal not only for emergency preparedness but also for everyday use,” says Charles Speights, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Midland. “It is a must for any home,” he adds.

To help users stay informed in case of severe weather or civil emergency, the ER300 charges devices such as smart phones and tablets and features NOAA weather alerts and AM/FM radio tuning. In emergency situations, the SOS flashlight beacon can be activated and an ultrasonic dog whistle may assist search and rescue teams in locating individuals.

This lightweight and durable radio is built to perform. With a long-lasting 2000 mAh rechargeable lithium ion battery, the ER300 gives up to 25 hours of normal use. Six ‘AA’ batteries can provide a back-up power option, and it can also be charged using the solar panel or with the dynamo hand crank.

Like the ER300, the ER200 offers a Morse code SOS flashlight beacon, long battery life with multiple sustainable power sources, and an extremely bright flashlight that uses Cree® LED technology.

The robust ER300 will retail for MSRP $79.99, while the smaller ER200 will retail for MSRP $59.99. Both packages include the radio with rechargeable battery, a mini USB charging cable, and an owner’s manual.

Additional features and benefits of both products, as well as information about other products, can be viewed on the Midland website at www.midlandusa.com.


*Cree® is a registered trademark of Cree, Inc. or one of its subsidiaries.