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May 06, 2021

Automotive club dedicated to the preservation of vehicles from Jurassic Park and World

The Jurassic Park Motor Pool was founded in 2012 by three fans of Universal/Amblin’s Jurassic Park franchise. These included Emmanuel Chen, Alan Douglas and Ari Morris. At the time there were limited online resources for people wanting to replicate the vehicles and they wanted to make it easier to bring together all the vehicle owners on a personal level and help make the information people were discovering readily available to the public. So they created the group and spent the first year fervently reaching out to anyone they could find with a Jurassic vehicle!

The JPMP has over 1,100 members located across every continent (except Antarctica). From the USA to Australia to Saudi Arabia to Japan to Germany and the UK, they're  just about everywhere! Member vehicles are primarily jeeps but they have Explorers, Pick Ups, Xterras, and more! The group has been in constant operation since 2012! Since then they've had many milestones from their first National Meet Up in Branson, MO where they had over 100 members to official events displaying with Universal Studios Hollywood.

As a club many local divisions have traveled all over the world - leading convoys, performing in parades, and exploring the vast wilderness of our planet! The group has something for everyone which has led them down many roads - asphalt and dirt!

"Personally though, the club has taken me many places. From camping trips at Oceano Dunes (Pismo, CA) to Rausch Creek (PA) to the majestic trails of Moab. Likewise I make it a point to visit members and have travelled to over half the US States be several other countries. Id really love to spend more time abroad to experience the trails our international members have to offer. Jurassic Park was a cinematic milestone and I think everyone, on some level, can relate to or enjoy it. After all, who doesn’t love dinosaurs? The film has remained a classic and you can’t really go anywhere without finding someone who gets excited when the subject comes up.

Almost daily, when driving our vehicles, we encounter multiple people who want to wave, or shout, or discuss dinosaurs, the franchise, or the vehicles in general. It’s an amazing ice breaker and I think most members enjoy the opportunity to meet new people and put smiles on the faces of adults and children alike. I imagine that those moments of joy we indirectly create in strangers lives can be a ripple of positivity for many others", says Ari Morris.

When JPMP isn't rolling down the black top supporting local events, many members enjoying using their jeeps, SUVs, and trucks for their intended purposes - hitting the trails and immersing themselves in the challenges only nature can provide.

"Luckily the movie vehicles used CB antennas and UHF/VHF antennas so we all had a good excuse to invest in communication equipment! As a group we try to educate new members who aren’t familiar with CB and GMRS/FRS so they can be prepared. Midland's lineup of products have given us a reliable and consistent form of communication over the years and members have been specifically excited about the portable 75-822 which doesn’t require us to mount a bulky control box, as appearance is very important to a lot of our members!

Meanwhile, Midland’s handheld line ups including the GXT and X-Talkers enable us to quickly distribute a means of communication to our members during special events so even the least prepared can always have an ear in their hand!" says Ari Morris.


For anyone looking to see more of the Motor Pool or to join, they can visit  online at or Instagram/FB @jpmotorpool


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