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April 30, 2020

During the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses large and small have been learning to navigate unprecedented challenges on a daily basis. Keeping employees safe while serving customers’ needs has been a critical concern for most businesses. Many businesses including restaurants, pharmacies, grocery stores, coffee shops, liquor stores, and a variety of retail stores, have introduced curbside pickup. This effectively limits interactions between shoppers and employees while allowing businesses to stay open to the public. Take your operation to the next level with a set of walkie talkies to improve curbside pickups & streamline the process for employees and customers alike.

5 Accessories & Walkie Talkies to Improve Curbside Pickups

Curbside Pickups during COVID-19

Curbside pickup can be a great addition to your business during the crisis and beyond, as we see the world shifting to relying more on online shopping. Cutting down on wait time, limiting interaction between employees, and curbing the time a customer stays in the store allows for a more efficient and safer workplace.

However, to run an effective curbside pickup operation, you need excellent communication. By using the radios and accessories below, you will keep your curbside pickup attendant in constant contact with store employees and always ready when customers arrive for their pickup.


X-Talker T51VP3 Two-Way Radio

Walkie Talkies Improve Curbside Pickups. X-Talker T51VP3

A great, affordable option for most businesses, the T51VP3 will allow your curbside attendant to quickly notify employees of a customer’s arrival. With 22 channels + 38 privacy codes, you can be sure no one will interfere with your employees’ communication. eVOX voice activation and belt clips allow for quick, hands-free communication, especially while wearing a headset (options below).

Included rechargeable battery packs, a Micro USB charging cable, and a desktop charger will make sure your radios are charged and ready to go all day. TheT51 is a great option for a pharmacy, local bookstore, deli, auto parts store, clothing store, coffee shop, small restaurant, and many more.


X-Talker T71VP3 Two-Way Radio

Walkie Talkies to Improve Curbside Pickups - T71

If you run a larger operation, the T71VP3 is one of our favorite walkie talkies to improve curbside pickup efficiency. A powerful radio, the T71 will give you better range to cover more even space. This radio features 36 channels + 121 privacy codes for more uninterrupted communication options, HI/LO power settings to save battery life, and eVOX hands-free operation to keep the radio from interrupting your employees’ workflow. Also included are rechargeable battery packs, Micro USB charging cable, desktop charger, and belt clips. This is perfect for a grocery store where attendants load groceries into customers’ cars, a large hardware store, or a busy restaurant.


AVPH3 Concealed Headsets

Walkie Talkies to Improve Curbside Pickups - Earpieces

The AVPH3 Concealed Headsets — also commonly referred to as asurveillance earpiece — are a perfect accessory for both the T51 and the T71. With a comfortable fit and a low-profile behind-the-ear tube, these headsets are great for wearing all day long. The handy clip, push-to-talk button, and eVOX hands-free operation allow for employees to keep their radios on their belts, while still staying in constant communication. Use this headset for more privacy between employees’ conversations as well as more efficient communication.


AVPH4 Wrap Around the Ear Headsets

Headsets & Walkie Talkies Improve Curbside Pickups

Another great option for hands-free communication, the AVPH4 Wrap Around the Ear Headsets feature a comfortable fit for all-day use. Use these headsets with the T51, T71, or any GMRS/FRS Midland radio. These headsets wrap securely around your right ear, leaving your other ear free for communicating with customers. eVOX hands-free operation and push-to-talk make this headset exceptionally convenient and easy to use.


LXT600BBX4 FRS Business Bundle 

LXT600BBX4 FRS Business Bundle - License Free Radios

If you are looking for a more robust bundle for a greater number of employees, the LXT600BBX4 is a perfect fit. Outfit your entire team and see how quickly these walkie talkies improve curbside pickups — for both your employees and your customers. This business bundle includes:

  • 8 license-free radios

  • 8 rechargeable battery packs

  • 4 dual-slot desktop chargers

  • 8 concealed headsets.

These radios feature 36 channels + 14 privacy codes, silent operation (turns off all tones), HI/LO power settings, and eVOX hands-free operation. These radios also come with a 3-year warranty. The LXT600BBX4 is perfect for all your business communication needs, large and small, year-round.


As COVID-19 presents us with new challenges every day, we should use this time to learn how to better serve our customers and carry this knowledge with us into the future. Hopefully, these radios and accessories can help you and your co-workers in this trying time, and beyond!

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