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July 09, 2024

Spice Village, a retail co-op in Waco, Texas relies on Midland's business radios for unparalleled efficiency.

The co-op's owner, Jennifer Wilson shared how the business radios are improving the customer experience at her store. 


Wilson stressed the importance of keeping her staff connected and operations streamlined.

“Obviously, when you have a 30,000 square-foot space and you’re talking about 40-something vendors, everything has to be really organized. We’re very detailed on our training process for our employees. Anything and everything that we want to do on our end has to be done down to a science because with the size that we are, there’s a lot of errors and miscommunication that could take place so it’s crucial everyone is on the same page.”

Communication is at the center of the business's efficiency.

“When you’re in a store this size, communication is crucial and when you have a customer that is asking a question, but you’re not the person who can answer or help them, being able to find the person who can help them is a big deal.”

In the end, it's all about improving the customer experience. 

"Efficiency is a really big thing for us because we want the customers’ experience to be pleasant! We don’t want to skip a beat or miss anything.”


Spice Village has been using business radios for a number of years. 

“Communication is one of our top things.”

The team switched to business radios a little over a year ago after running into interference with their previous system.

“We are in a very up and coming area with a lot of construction in the 5-10 mile radius of our location. The previous radios had so much interference. We were having conversations and then others would pop in. It was driving us crazy!”

Wilson began the process of researching- looking for business radios with headsets and durability. 

"I came across Midland's business radios and liked the way they looked, it had a simple headset, and it seemed to work. We ordered 2-3 of them to see how we liked them and the quality of them was so much better than what we had, it was crisp audio quality, and there was no interruptions. The Midlands were the perfect solution!”

Beyond speedy and helpful customer service, Wilson said Midland business radios have proved to be durable.

“We can be hard on them, but they’ve stood up to the test! I have been very pleased with them.”

Spice Village uses the Midland BizTalk® BR200 Business Radio

“There’s just crisp, clean sound. There’s not a lot of static or interference. Even though we are in such a large space or if someone needs to go outside to do something, they’re able to keep it on and get a couple blocks down the street while still being able to communicate.”

With communication a pillar of the team's operations, Midland's business radios have helped streamline processes. 

“The speed in which we’re able to do things is impressive because the store is so big that if the cashier had to leave the register to walk out onto the floor to find something for the customer, that could take 3 to 5 minutes longer on your own as opposed to communicating with someone who is already on the floor.”

Overall contributing to the mission of having happy customers. 

“It allows us to help each other, making for a more efficient and pleasant customer experience. We just want to help people find what they’re looking for and feel welcome. It’s all about them having fun while they shop.”

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