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April 09, 2021

Giving Back To Those who Served

Throughout the years Midland has partnered with several non-profit organizations that have one goal in mind: giving back to the Veteran Community. Studies have shown and veteran organizations strongly concur, that outdoor recreational activities such as hunting, fishing, off-roading and camping can provide powerful therapeutic and healing benefits as well as a camaraderie for veterans struggling with combated-related injuries or post traumatic stress (PTSD).  Midland had the opportunity to provide reliable communication when going off-the-grid to non-profit organizations such as Warfighter Outfitters, Team Overland and Veterans Back 40 Adventure.


Warfighter Outfitters Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit guide and outfitter compromised of a full Veteran board of directors and guides that have made a point of serving our nation's veterans through no charge guiding and outfitting adventures with a philosophy of veterans helping veterans through fishing and hunting and engagement opportunities with Team Overland and Veterans Back 40 Adventures.

In three major aspects Warfighter Outfitters provides absolutely free outings and excursions to veterans of any conflict and campaign on Hunting, Fishing, and Engagement opportunities such as Team Overland and Veterans Back 40 Adventures (VB40). Trips can be as many as 60 Veterans at once in our engagement trips working in service projects in our national parks to simple 2-3 Veteran sized groups in small fishing day trips. Warfighter Outfitters has no physical office or paid employees and is 100% volunteer-based.


The organization measures impact primarily through face-to-face engagements with the Veterans who join them on their trips.  Whether it's seeing their faces and demeanor change when they hook a fish or put an animal in a scope, learn rescue and recovery tips on an Overland adventure or around the campfire and table after a run, or get into the back country on motorcycles and explore places most people never see, the impact on their lives is immeasurable.  They continue to communicate with past trip recipients through social media platforms and have partnered with other non-profits around the country to refer Vets to services that are best equipped to help depending on their specific needs.  Oftentimes this three-part organization is on the front line that gets these Vets "off the couch" and begins their integration back into normal societal roles simply by re-establishing the "esprit de corps" they all knew when they served and that is missing from many Veterans' lives after they separate from military service.


Warfighter Outfitters 

"On Warfighter Outfitters' guided hunts for Veterans, Midland handhelds provide the locational knowledge and communications security we need to assure our guests have a safe and successful experience. Many of our trips are deep in the mountains and backcountry where we need to spread out and cover more ground, and we've always been able to stay in contact and communicate with Midland products. We can't recommend them enough."

To donate to Warfighter Outfitters click here.

Veterans Back 40 Adventure 

"Midland radios are a huge benefit to Veterans Back 40 Adventure. Our goal is to get as far off grid with our team and still have the opportunity to stay in direct contact with other team members, especially for safety. We utilize the GXT1050vp4 due the JSI4 waterproof feature, 36 miles range, and it being small and compact radio. Communication is key with our teammates when putting on events".

To donate to Veterans Back 40 Adventure click here.

Team Overland

"Team Overland is an off-road and camping venue for our Veterans. During our events, we typically meet our guests in a specific location,  brief them what the plan is, and then execute. Having solid communications in the group is key. Typically our guides are in constant communication. But as we expand, we are finding ways to help interact with our guests. Adding Midland GMRS/FRS radios allow our guests to communicate with our guides, allowing them to ask questions about the area, ask for assistance, or simply ask to stop to soak in the spectacular views".

To donate to Team Overland click here.

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