October 24, 2023

As technology develops, so do business practices. However, one thing remains the same- communication is key. Two-way radios bring ease, reliability, and efficiency to workplace communications.

As GMRS becomes a more popular, powerful, and clear form of two-way radio communication, it's crucial to have the necessary information to ensure businesses are following licensing requirements.


General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) operates on the FM mode.

According to the FCC (Federal Communications Commission), GMRS is a licensed radio service commonly used for short-distance two-way voice communication using handheld radios, mobile radios, and repeater systems.

The FCC does require a license, but it's super easy to apply, lasts 10 years, is only $35, and covers you entire immediate family.

GMRS two-way radios operate on 30 channels, 22 of which are the same as FRS. GMRS and FRS work on the same frequencies, but anything over two watts is considered GMRS. The maximum power allowed by law for GMRS two-way radios is 50 Watts.  

Midland Radio is a leader in GMRS two-way radio technology with its MicroMobile® line.


Following the FCC's licensing requirements for two-way radios is key, but can also be confusing.

Midland Radio breaks it down below.


This two-way frequency is of course allowed for use in business.

However, it does require a license. The business' singular license will cover all employees.

Midland Radio's top business radios include the BizTalk® MB400 Business Radio, the BizTalk® BR200 Business Radio, and BizTalk® BR180 On-Site Business Radio.


CB radio is allowed for business use and does not require a license.

Midland's CBs include the 75-785 Durable Handheld CB Radio and the 75-822 Portable/Mobile CB Radio.


Family Radio Service, otherwise known as FRS, is allowed for business use. It also does not require a license.

This includes Midland Radio's X-Talker (except T290 and T295) and LXT series.


General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) is one of the more popular radio types. It is increasing in popularity as it brings clearer and more powerful communication than CB radio.

The FCC does require a license to operate a GMRS two-way radio. One license will cover the individual license holder and his or her immediate family members. Other workerss who are not immediate family members would need their own license. Luckily, it's incredibly easy to get a license. For more on how to get your GMRS license, head here

Midland's GMRS radios include the T290, T295, GXT series, and line of MicroMobile® Two-Way Radios

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