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July 22, 2022

Midland Radio sent two-way radios to the University of Missouri's Tiger Hacks.


Tiger Hacks is an annual event hosted by the Mizzou Computing Association.

Students from schools all over the country take part in a 36-hour competition submitting projects to several different levels of projects.

The prize levels include Beginner, Developer, Start Up, Most Impactful, Best and Female. Panera Bread also hosted a prize level for the team that created a project pertinent to their brand. 

The event also included a session in which a Panera Bread representative spoke about working in IT at the company.

“A developer is someone that has experience going to hackathons and make a project that they feel could win the entire competition," Johnson Luu, a member of the Tiger Hacks team said.

The event was hybrid and about 400 people registered from schools such as College of the Ozarks, Missouri S&T, The University of Missouri- Kansas City, University of Houston, and Georgia Tech. 

The event also included outdoor activities and featured keynote speakers related to computer science. 


"Most people are in some type of engineering major like Computer Science, IT majors, math majors and minors," Luu said.

Luu said being part of Tiger Hacks is great experience for him and his fellow students.

“It does look good on a resume. It shows that you went to an event that was 36-hours-long. You put your heart and soul into a whole project. I think employers are going to like that.”

He also said the event provides students with an opportunity to work on building other skills. 

“It’s a good opportunity for employers to see your final projects, how you worked with your team members, how you committed yourself to the project, followed through over the course of a long 36 hours, and presented the entire project the judges.”


Midland Radio donated several two-way radios to be given to prize winners.

Midland's two-way radios went to the winner of the "Most Impactful Hack" competition. 

Luu reached out to Midland about donating two-way radios because he felt like it was a prize all programmers would be interested in.  

“Tech wise I really liked the radios and I felt like it was great to give a tech gift to someone who won one of these contests. We like to give out prizes that are technology-focused." 

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