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March 15, 2023

Planting season is underway in portions of the United States and for those who haven't begun, they're prepping for a busy season.

Midland Radio has all the communication products to take your farm's efficiency to new levels.

With little to no cellphone service on many farms, Midland's two-way radios bring communication farmers can rely on as they work through planting season. 

To make things easier, Midland Radio put together a list of its must-have items for planting season 2023.  


This bundle has everything you need for reliable communication on the farm this spring and summer.

Equipped with 15 watts of power, the MXT115 will transform communication on the farm, bring reliability, safety, and efficiency. With triple the range of traditional handheld two-way radios, this MicroMobile will take your communication to new distances. The MXT115 is compact in size and is plug and play with installation that will only take minutes. It is also repeater capable and includes NOAA Weather Radio so you'll be able to stay alert and safe with the latest information straight from the National Weather Service, important while working outside. The MXT115 also has a USB-C charging port for the fasted charge time for devices like your cellphone, tablets, and walkie talkies.

Because the bundle also includes the MXTA25 3 dB Ghost Antenna and MXTA23 Roll Bar/Mirror Mounting Bracket, the installation of the MXT115 will be even more seamless and straightforward, saving you precious time during the busy season.

The MXT115 is compatible with all of Midland's FRS and GMRS walkie talkies, not excluding the X-Talker T71VP3 Two-Way Radios, found in the MXT71AGVP. The T71s will allow those on the farm to easily move in and out of vehicles, work on the ground in the field, etc. with communication right at their fingertips. The T71s boast impressive battery life to keep you connected throughout the long days of planting season. With rechargeable batteries, desktop charger, and AC wall adapter included, you can easily get your walkies full of power before beginning another day of work. The T71VP3 also includes belt clips so your walkies can stay with you while you move around the farm. 

With everything you need to improve communication on the farm, the MXT71AGVP is a no brainer for farms this planting season.



Power up your farm's communication this planting season with the MXT500AGVP3 Farm Bundle.

This bundle has everything you need for strong, reliable communication you can count on. That includes the MXT500, MXTA23 Roll Barr/Mirror Mounting Bracket, MXTA24 Low Profile Antenna Cable, and MXTA25 3dB Ghost Antenna.

With the MXT500, you can reach maximum power allowed by law- 50 Watts. This radio doesn't just bring unprecedented range, but also clear communication, an IP66 Waterproof Rating for use in all elements, repeater capable for even further range, and operates on both wide and narrow band.

Because this bundle also includes the MXTA25 3dB Ghost Antenna, your radio range can go even further while looking super sleek.

The MXT500AGVP3 makes setting up your MXT50 easy as can be, fit with all the necessary accessories for a seamless installation.

What are you waiting for? The MXT500AGVP3 will transform communication on your operation.



Expand radio communication this planting season with Midland's MXT115AGVP MicroMobile Farm Tractor Bundle.

With 15 Watts of power and a dustproof, automatic noise cancelling microphone, the MXT115 is fit for clear and easy communication no matter how rugged the environment. 

With the inclusion of the MXTA25 3dB Ghost Antenna, MXTA24 Low Profile Antenna Cable, and MXTA23. Roll Bar/Mirror Mounting Bracket, this bundle makes the MXT115 as plug and play as it gets. It's likely you'll only need minutes to get your radio up and running which is key during a busy season of the year.

With the help of this bundle, you're sure to improve efficiency through communication on your farm.



Communicate in and out of all your vehicles on the farm with the GXT1000VP4 GMRS handheld two-way radios. Whether you're in the field, in and out of the planter, or working in the shop, the GXT1000s are easy to carry around while you communicate with others around the operation.

As far as handhelds go, these bring the power straight to your fingertips with Midland's Xtreme Range Technology. 

The GXT1000VP4s are the number one selling walkie talkies in the United States so you know they're trusted to bring reliable communication. 

The walkie talkies are sure to aid farmers in improving both efficiency and safety on the farm. The GXT1000s will keep others connected in an effort to avoid injuries or reach someone in an instant. 

These handheld two-way GMRS radios are compatible with all of Midland's FRS and GMRS handhelds and MicroMobiles.



Things can get loud on the farm so it's important to ensure you don't miss out on important information communicated throughout the farming operation during planting season.

Midland's 21-406 Deluxe External Speaker enhances communication to bring clear, crisp sound. 

It's easily installed and is compatible with the MXT500, MXT575, MXT400, MXT275, MXT115, MXT105, and 5001Z.



Rep your favorite radio brand, Midland while in the field this spring. 

This hat doesn't just bring patriotic and Midland pride, but it will also help keep your head and face out of the sun throughout long days in the field or a weekend cookout with family and friends. 


Level up communication on the farm with Midland.

Get $100 off $500 this planting season beginning March 15, 2023. 

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