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March 28, 2024

Planting season is one of the busiest times of year on the farm and Midland is here to help simplify operations as much as possible. Our MicroMobiles bring seamless, powerful, easy to use communication to the farm.

Because farms have little to no cell phone service, two-way radios bring communication the entire farm can count on. With instant, push-to-talk communication, MicroMobiles allow the entire farm to easily reach everyone instead of making several phone calls to spread the message. 

Shop Midland's favorite MicroMobiles for the farm this planting season. 


Easy to install and easy to use, the MXT115 brings push-to-talk communication to the farm. 

Because the MXT115 can be powered up through the DC adapter, it can be installed within minutes, saving time and money on the farm. 

This MicroMobile boasts triple the range of traditional handheld two-way radios, keeping farmers connected across the entire operation. 

Featuring NOAA Weather Radio, farmers will know when to leave the field and head indoors as they'll get the fastest, most accurate information straight from the National Weather Service. 

With its USB-C charging port, the MXT115 brings the fastest charge time possible for devices like walkie talkies, tablets, and cell phones. 



Expand communication on the farm with the MXT115AGVP3. 

This bundle kicks range up a notch with the MXT115 and its 15 Watts of power, triple the power of traditional handheld two-way radios. WIth this power, the MXT115 brings clear communication that will stretch across the property to keep everyone connected. 

The bundle also contains accessories like the MXTA25 3 dB Ghost Antenna, MXTA24 antenna cable, and MXTA23 Roll/Bar Mirror Mount Bracket. This is everything you need on the farm for a fast and easy installation. 

Shop now and rely on seamless communication. 



Bring unmatched power and two-way radio range to the farm with Midland's MXT575SPVP MicroMobile Speaker Bundle.

This bundle includes the MXT575 that packs a punch with 50 Watts of power. This is the most GMRS power allowed by law, stretching two-way radio range to new lengths for connection on the farm. 

With the SPK200 Amplified Speaker with AI Noise Cancellation, farmers can experience a new level of voice clarity and sound. It's heavy-duty design and IP67 rating means it'll perform in the toughest of environments.

The MXT575SPVP also includes Midland's favorite accessories like the MXTA24 Low Profile Antenna Cable, MXTA23 Roll Bar/Mirror Mounting Bracket, and the MXTA26 6dB Gain Whip Antenna. With all these accessories, farmers can count on an easy installation with everything they need. 


Midland's Planting Season Promotion begins March 1, 2024 and runs through May 1, 2024. 

Get $100 off when you spend $500 or more. 

Use code: SEED at checkout.

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