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May 16, 2023

Finding the best value is an important factor to many when making a purchase, and finding the cheapest, best quality set of walkie talkies is no exception.

Midland Radio is breaking down its "cheapest" walkie talkies in price, but rest assured, these walkie talkies are reliable and high quality....all $100 or less. 


These multi-colored walkie talkies bring fun communication to the whole family.

With clear reception, clear transmission, and clear sound quality, families won't miss a beat while exploring the outdoors or navigating the neighborhood.

Not to mention, these walkie talkies feature Midland's legendary Wether Alert technology. The NOAA Weather Radio will sound an alarm when there is a threat of severe weather in the area, ensuring safety for all users, no matter where they are.

Not only do these walkie talkies keep users connected, they only cost users $49.99, reliability at a cheap price.



Easy to use, communication you can count on, and a great value.

Midland's T31s have up to a 26-mile range, features, 22 channels, and are license free. 

The 31's also feature Weather Alert technology to keep users in the know as severe weather approaches their area, key to giving them time needed to take action, seek shelter, and safety. 

The T31VP comes in at only $49.99, practically a steal!



Grab Midland's T61s for walkie talkie that are dependable, clear, and ready to use right out of the box. 

Midland's T61s have up to a 32-mile range with 36 channels. The walkies also have 121 privacy code, Channel Scan, and Midland's famous Weather Alert Scan technology. 

These walkie talkies can be charge with USB, bringing convenience to any adventure.

Keep connected at the low price of $87.49.



When off-grid, rely on these walkie talkies to keep communication strong- both for safety and connection. 

Whether it's on the trails, the campground, around the neighborhood, etc., the T51s offer an up to 28-mile range depending on the circumstances. 

Other features include 22 channels, 38 privacy codes, Channel Scan, and Weather Alert technology. 

The T51s are easy to use so the whole family can rest assure they can keep in touch along any adventure.

You can get these for the low price of $62.49.

Pack a powerful communication punch with Midland's T71 walkie talkies. 

This set is favorite amongst all off-grid adventurers. Why? The T71s have seriously impressive battery life that will keep you talking for hours. They can also be charged with a USB cable so when power does run low, it's easy to charge them back up.

The T71s bring crystal clear communication with push to talk, easy button access to bring peace of mind in the most remote of environments.

Grab the T71s for $99.99, an unbeatable price. 

While Midland's cheap walkie talkies come at a low price, they bring reliable communication and are compatible with all of Midland's MicroMobiles to keep you connected in and out of the vehicle.

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