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February 03, 2020

These days it isn’t just us humans that are famous on Instagram, our four-legged friends can have thousands, if not millions of Instagram followers too.  But who wouldn’t want to follow a cute pup? Especially an adventure dog. We’ve compiled a list of the cutest adventure pups that travel side-by-side with their humans on hikes, camping, overlanding, and anything outdoors. Here are the furry friends that deserve a spot in your Instagram feed!

Top Adventure Dog Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow

1. @5280coloradodogs

Adventure Dog 1


5280coloradodogs is dedicated to chronicling the adventures of Nell and Winston; a mini Aussie and a border collie just trying to live life to the fullest in Colorado. These pups love to hike and explore the Colorado mountains! They have endless energy and love being outdoors more than anything else.

What’s something unique about these pups?

“Winston is as close to a person as a dog can be. Beyond smart and loves to give hugs. Nell is a very weird dog who loves to sled on her belly down hills of snow, and it’s hilarious to watch!”



2. @willothecorgi

Adventure Dog Corgi


Willo, the pembroke welsh corgi lives in the desert of Phoenix, Arizona.  For Willo, it’s the little things. She lives in the desert, so when she gets to adventure somewhere snowy, she is an absolutely bliss!   You may have seen her videos as the howling corgi, when she gets her food. Give this adventurous corgi a follow.

Why should more people take their dogs on adventures?

“Dogs’ time with us is too short, so I think we should spend their lives showing them as many fun experiences as possible. I also just think dogs are the best adventure buddies, they’re protectors and always there to keep you company.”



3. @eddietheretriever

Adventure Dog Instagram


Eddie is a gorgeous 2-year-old nova scotia duck tolling retriever.  He has endless energy, a positive and playful attitude, and a whole lot of curiosity. Eddie isn’t only an adventure dog, but a licensed therapy dog! Give this photogenic pup a follow and he’ll be sure to brighten your timeline with his infectious smile.

What's your dog favorite part about going on outdoor adventures with you?

“Eddie loves to roam around wild and free. He gets into his own element - smelling everything, being so curious and adventurous... And even though he loves to be around people (because they have snacks) he likes to go on his own pace and walk his own little paths.”



4. @Littlenwpups

Adventure Dog Instagram 4


These pups are two peas in a pod! Ava is a 2-year-old pembroke welsh corgi, and Aspen is a 1.5-year-old golden retriever. These pups travel anywhere and everywhere together. Their favorite thing is to get outside and hike. Give these two adventure dogs a follow and smile along with them on all their outdoor excursions!

Why do you like to travel with your dogs?

“They bring me so much comfort and joy. I don’t know what my life would be without them!”



5. @denver_englishspringer

Adventure Dog IG 5


Denver, the English springer spaniel is living every dogs dream in California. Denver is an adventurous pup who loves to go hiking with her people. Not only does she hike, but she camps, hammocks, swims, and Jeeps! This is an adventure dog that you want to follow! 

Why should more people take their dogs on adventures?

“People should take their dogs on more adventures because they teach you how to slow down, tune in and really enjoy nature for the simplicity of it. Not just the beauty of it, or the Instagramable moment, but just the sheer existence of it all!”



6. @robinventures

Adventure Dog IG Account 6


This small pup is definitely not a lap dog, he’s too busy exploring. Robin is a 6-year-old mutt that loves to pose for the camera. He’s also an independent guy that loves to be off-the-leash, but like a good boy, he never strays too far from his owner. Give this pup a follow and watch him as he explores southern California.

Why do you like to adventure with your dog?

“Robin, unlike some human traveling companions, is happy to follow along with my schedule and do exactly what I want to do! I also love his joy at discovering a new pool of water or a patch of sand.”



7. @appa.s_adventures

Adventure Dog 7


Appa is living the dream in Honolulu, Hawaii.  Apa is a 1-year-old Australian shepherd who loves the water so much that he may technically be part fish. Luckily, living in Hawaii he has easy access to the ocean, so he can jump and splash around all he wants! 

Why should more people take their dogs on adventures?

“Dogs need to be able to explore the outdoors as much as we do. The more exposure to different environments will also help diminish anxiety when taken somewhere new.”



8. @jagermurphster_

Adventure Dogs on Instagram


Murphy and Jager are weimaraners from Raleigh, North Carolina. They love to explore the outdoors together. They are both curious, resilient pups who always push through, no matter how tired they may be. These handsome puppy brothers are waiting to be added to your Instagram feed.

Why should more people take their dogs on adventures?

“They have such short lives, why not make the best of it!?”



9. @coppersgoldendays

Adventure Dog IG Accounts


Copper is a 9-month-old golden retriever that lives for adventures. He loves camping, swimming, and finding every stick to carry during a hike.  Give this golden fluff a follow and see how happy he gets when he knows he’s about to hop in the car for another adventure. 

What makes your dog the best adventure buddy?

“Copper is the best adventure buddy! Looking through his eyes, the world is even more exciting. He’s up for every kind of adventure and loves snuggling after a long day of adventuring too.”



10. @whereskaia

Adventure Dog Corgi on IG


This happy corgi’s name is Kaia. Kaia is always up to try new things. This pup loves the feeling of wind in her fur while she rides in the car, the smell of the outdoors, and of course, the food she gets when they take a break. As stated in her Instagram bio she is an “advanced trick dog and hiking potato”, so give her a follow! 

Why do you like to travel with your dog(s)?

“I love travelling with Kaia because she makes me the happiest. Seeing and experiencing new things with the one I love most brings me lots of joy! She is always happy and always ready for fun, and for snuggles.”


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