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January 02, 2020

As 2019 has just come to an end, and we celebrate the arrival of 2020, we decided to take a look back at one of our favorite things from the past year - awesome dashboard setups. So, lets quickly reminisce on some of the most drool-worthy dash photos from the year. 2019 was full of epic dashboard pictures; with a wide range of styles that included super high-tech, minimalist, unique, clean, customized, or just expertly designed. So without further ado, here's our list of the top 10 dash photos that caught our eye in 2019.

Top 10 Dash Photos of 2019


1)  @explorationcaptured

Midland dash photos

This dashboard has all the essentials you need on the trail right at your fingertips.  With a clean finish, you’ll be set to hit the road!


2)  @inmy4wd

Best dash photos

Dashboard confessionals: I can’t get enough of this dash!


3)  @tacopromatt

Best car dash photos

I can’t decide which is better, that stunning view, or the dash?


4)  @adventure.ovrlnd

Overland dashboard pictures

Communication right at your fingertips!


5)  @expeditionessentials

Custom dashboard photos

This certainly ranks as one of the top dash pics of 2019 -- look how clean it is!  You’ll always know what time it is, that’s for sure!


6)  @overlandaddict

Dashboard gear

This is what a command center looks like! When hitting the trails, you rely on devices that keep you connected, and of course, allow you to document your adventures!


7)  @ranznav

Off-road dashboard

A simple set up with a clean dash, and a beautiful view! As we always say, communication for every adventure.


8)  @overlandpiratevan

Overlanding dashboard

@overlandpiratevan is stepping up his vehicle and adding an MXT275 to his dashboard.  As a result, you get this envy-inducing dash picture!


9)  @gloryoffroad

Dash pictures 2

There is nothing better than Jeep trailing and that dash with some awesome Midland gear!  Mike and Lena are keeping their dash organized with some grab handles that double nicely as a mic cradle for the MXT275!


10)  @365_overland

Dashboard two-way radio

For a clean setup, maximize your dash with a MicroMobile.  It is easy to stash it away, while also always staying connected.

Did we miss yours? Direct message us on Instagram with a  link to your dashboard photo and we just might add it!

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