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September 24, 2020

It’s important to keep communication quick and easy as a referee, whether you’re on the football or soccer field, hockey rink, basketball court, boxing ring, or any other type of playing ground. You need an easy and efficient way to confer with linesmen, assistant referees, or with other officials off-field. Two-way communication is a critical part of the job, and finding the right tool for that job matters. Try out any of our picks for the best walkie talkies for referees. These referee radio communication systems will simplify and streamline your communication, so all you have to worry about it making the right call!

The Best Walkie Talkie Two-Way Radios for Referees

The Best Radios for Referees


X-Talker T71VP3 Two-Way Radio

X-talker radios for referees

This license-free, water-resistant radio is one of the best walkie talkie choices for referees. The X-Talker T71 features 22 channels, ridiculously long battery life, and easy hands-free operation. They also have Xtreme Range up to 38 miles, and a headphone jack. This X-Talker radio even features NOAA Weather Alert Radio, so you are instantly aware of any fast-moving weather. Plus, this set comes with a desktop charger to store and charge your radios when they’re not in use. Need headsets? Midland offers a variety of options. 



LXT600VP3 FRS Two-Way Radio

Best radio for referee

The LXT600VP3 is a great walkie talkie for refereeing. It is known for its crisp communication, easy button access, Xtreme Range, and a total of 36 channels to choose from. Plus it has additional features like channel scan, silent operation, and NOAA Weather Alerts. This feature set makes it an ideal radio for any type of referee. Your purchase includes a 3-year warranty, rechargeable battery pack, and desktop charger.



GXT1000VP4 GMRS Two-Way Radio

Long range radios for referees

The powerful GXT1000VP4 is a fantastic choice for refs. This radio is packed with great communication features like XTRA TALK Power, Xtreme Range, 50 channels + 142 privacy codes. Other features include a vibrating alert, 10 call alerts, NOAA Weather Radio, and eVOX hands-free operation. The GXT1000 holds a JIS4 waterproof rating and includes a 3-year warranty, SOS siren, and a headphone jack.



T290VP4 X-Talker Two-Way Radio

Midland radios for refs

The T290VP4 X-Talker is an ideal two-way radio for referees. It features 22 channels + 121 privacy codes, Xtreme Range up to 40 miles, and a channel scan mode. The radios also offer silent operation, hands-free operation, and 5 call tones to choose from. And as a cherry on top; the T290 X-Talker includes Hi/Med/Lo power options, a battery meter, and rechargeable battery packs. So, you can rest assured that no matter how long you're on the field, you'll never have to worry about a battery dying on you, making it one of the best walkie talkie choices for refs.


These choices are some of the best walkie talkies for referees of any sport. No matter what or where you’re refereeing, these walkie talkies two-way radios will handle all of your communication needs and let you concentrate on the game at hand!

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