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April 21, 2022

Midland Radio launched it's MXT500 MicroMobile Two-Way Radio

This radio brings 50-watts of power to give you extended communication range. The MXT500 is the highest powered radio allowed by law. 

We've rounded up some of our favorite MXT500 demonstrations, reviews, and installs. 


While on a trip along the rim of the Grand Canyon in Arizona, E3 Off-Road conducted a range test for Midland's MXT500. 

With a base station and unit in a Jeep, those on both ends were able to communicate clearly and effectively.

NotaRubicon Productions Reviews MXT500

NotaRubicon Productions has created off-road, outdoor-fun and adventure, and radio education videos for his Youtube subscribers. 

In this video, he gives his viewers a look at the MXT500, providing them with demonstrations, going over some of the key features, and sharing his own opinion. 

He also shares with viewers that the MXT500's ease of use is a key selling point for the powerful, new radio.


Toyota Overlanders shares videos with content on all things Toyota and overlanding. 

Here, the group unboxes an MXT500 and shares some of its favorite radio features. That includes its power, repeater capabilities, privacy channels, its IP66 Waterproof rating, USB-C charging capabilities, and NOAA Weather Radio.



Gear Bunker is a group of veterans and outdoor professionals. They create videos surrounding outdoor adventure, travel, and gear. 

In this unboxing, Gear Bunker highlights the power that the MXT500 boasts while also talking about its IP66 Waterproof Rating.

Gear Bunker also notes the MXT500's 15 GMRS channels, repeater capabilities, privacy channels, narrow and wide band options, and NOAA Weather Radio to keep you safe on the trails.


Ozark Overland Adventures unboxed, installed, and shared its first impressions of the MXT500 in this video.

In the video, Ozark Overland Adventures calls Midland's MXT500 the perfect powerful radio for, "plug and play."

The review notes the MXT500's crystal clear range on the trails. 

In this video, users can also see a Jeep installation.

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