September 27, 2022

September marks National Preparedness Month and Midland Radio is encouraging people across the country to take preparedness seriously.

Whether it's a wildfire, earthquake, tornado, hurricane, flood, or other disaster, you'll need to have a plan for you and your family to navigate an emergency safely.



Whether you're the head of the household or live alone, it's important to take preparedness into your own hands.

Even though you may think it could never happen to you, it could. Being prepared could give you the time you need to react and save not only your life, but also the lives of those in your household. It's important you take the necessary steps to reduce the level of suffering your household might encounter as the result of an emergency disaster.

Call a family meeting. Everyone in your household should be aware of the plan, know where to find the emergency kit, how to determine when to react, and understand the pre-determined communication plan. You might not be home at the time of the storm or emergency so your household should be ready to respond without you there physically to lead them through the response. Set them up for success by ensuring everyone knows what to do.

Experts say that when everyone plays a role in preparedness, the end result is more effective. When the community is involved alongside the government, an area struck by a disaster or storm is often more resilient.


You should always be aware of your surroundings. Whether you've just moved to a new city, are just now making a preparedness plan, or are on vacation, you should look into your geographic location to determine what types of disasters or emergencies are more likely to occur.

Once you determine this, you'll be better able to tailor your preparedness plan to best meet the needs of your area and your household.


Don't know where to start? Follow Midland Radio's steps to get started in preparing your home for an emergency or natural disaster.

  1. Build a Kit
  2. Have a Plan
  3. Talk to Kids  


Radios, both emergency and two-way are important aspects of any emergency go kit.


In any emergency, you'll want to make sure you're receiving the latest alerts and information. The quickest way to receive alerts issued by the National Weather Service and emergency officials is through NOAA Weather Radio. Each of Midland's emergency radios are equipped with this feature. 

Every emergency go kit should have multiple chargers for your household's cellphones, but disasters can wipe out or destroy cellphone towers, making it difficult or impossible for everyone to receive emergency alerts on their phones. With an emergency radio in tow, you won't have to worry about getting important, life-saving alerts. 

Midland's ER40 Emergency Radio has multiple power sources to keep your radio charged no matter what the state of electricity is. This includes a lithium rechargeable battery, solar panel, hand crank, and a USB charging chord. 

Not to mention, emergency radios have a flashlight with SOS strobe, checking off multiple items on your emergency go kit checklist.

The ER40 will be available this month.


Emergencies or a natural disasters have the potential to wreak havoc on cellphone towers and electricity, but that doesn't mean communication isn't just as important.

Walkie talkie two-way radios bring reliable, strong, and clear communication to any location. Whether it's splitting up with members of your family as you asses the damage of a storm or caravanning as part of a wildfire evacuation order, walkie talkies will keep you connected.

Midland's X-Talker T77VP5 Walkie Talkie Two-Way Radios have an impressive battery life, important during and after an emergency. These walkie talkies come loaded with extra features including battery packs, a desktop charger, AC wall adapter, boom microphone headsets, and mico-USB charging cable. The walkie talkies have Weather Alert Radio with Midland's Weather Scan Technology, giving your family another way to receive important alerts.


You can shop 15% off Midland Radio's Emergency Prep Page beginning September 7 through the 30th.

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