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December 09, 2021

When going on outdoor adventures, you need to prepare for a possible emergency. If you get lost or someone in your group becomes injured, a quality two-way radio is the most effective communication method for seeking assistance. 

Radios are also an excellent communication tool during mass emergencies. Cell phone networks have a limited capacity. During a mass emergency, thousands of people use their cell phones to call for help simultaneously, and the networks get over-saturated. However, if you own a survival or emergency radio, you’ll be able to reach emergency services to ask for help. 

Survival Scenario #1: Hurricanes and Other Natural Disasters

During natural disasters such as hurricanes, you need asurvival radio to communicate regardless of cell reception availability or power loss. 

During Hurricane Katrina,70% of the cell towers in New Orleans were out of operation for several days. And in 2012, Hurricane Sandy left millions of New Englanders without power for days and weeks in some cases. All over the region, cables between communications towers were damaged due to high winds and flooding. Because of this, cell phone communication was very restricted when people needed it the most. 

Survival Scenario #2: Getting Stuck With an Offroad Vehicle in a National Park

National Parks in the United States can cover vast distances. If you like to venture off the beaten path, a high-qualitysurvival radio is essential to communicate and request assistance in the case of an emergency. 

When hiking or driving in remote parts of a National Park or National Forest, you must ensure you can communicate with the park rangers if you become lost, injured, or trapped. 

In remote areas of National Parks, you often don’t have any cell signal because you are out of range of any cell towers. If your vehicle gets stuck in the mud or you experience any other issues that compromise your mobility, you’ll need someone to know your coordinates and locate you. In this case, a long-range radio is your best option for getting help. 

5 Survival Radios You Need to Know About

A high-qualitysurvival radio is an excellent investment whether you’re an avid hiker, boater, camper, or simply want a radio available at home in case of an emergency. If you are looking for the best survival radios, these are some options to consider.

EX37VP E+Ready Walkie Talkie Kit 

This kit has everything you need in case of an emergency. The E+Ready Walkie Talkie Kit includes a set of X-Talker Walkie Talkie radios, a flashlight, and a multi-use compass. The Walkie Talkies have a range of 26 miles, and you can recharge them with a micro USB or 3 AAA batteries each. They are also water-resistant and feature the Midland Weather Alert technology.

X-Talker Extreme Dual Pack T77VP5

These X-Talker radios provide a reliable range for clear reception and transmission so you can communicate in remote natural areas. You can reach up to 38 miles in open areas with little or no obstruction. These radios have a wide range of features, including Hi/Lo Power settings, Weather Alert Radio and Weather Scan systems, and eVox hands-free mode. They are durable and water-resistant radios, perfect for off-roading or hiking adventures.

HH50B Pocket Weather Alert Radio

If you are looking for a light and easy-to-carry radio that can alert you to dangerous weather, this is an excellent option. This is a small, light radio that’s simple to operate for beginners. The Standby Mode with Alert override automatically turns on to warn you of hazardous weather conditions. Also, this radio features a helpful Auto Scan feature, which automatically scans the NOAA weather channels when you turn it on.

XT511 GMRS Base Camp

This is an excellent radio for all kinds of emergencies. It runs on five different types of power, so you can always find a way to recharge it if you run out of battery power. It runs on standard ‘AA’ batteries, rechargeable battery packs, AC adapter or DC adapter, and a Dynamo Crank. The Dynamo crank allows you to recharge the radio anytime you are away from a power source. 

The XT511 is an outstanding communication tool. It’s the most powerful type of portable GMRS radio allowed by law, and it includes an AM/FM radio. 


X-Talker T31X3VP Walkie Talkie Three-pack 

This pack of three radios is useful for large groups on hiking or off-roading trips. You can keep the team connected with these three walkie-talkies that work across 22 GMRS/FRS channels and have a range of 26 miles. These radios are also water-resistant and are equipped with a Weather Alert radio and eVox hands-free system.

Stay Safe With a Two-Way Radio 

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast or you just want to be prepared in case a natural disaster strikes, it’s worthwhile to invest in a high-quality two-way radio from Midland. We have decades of experience providing exceptional radio devices to customers across all industries. 

To learn more about our products, give us a call at (816) 241-8500 or get in touch via our online contact form

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