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April 29, 2021

Taking Pride in our Veteran Owned Business Partnerships

Midland takes pride in supporting the Veteran community.  Therefore we make an effort to work with Veteran owned businesses to give them the support they may need.  Midland had the wonderful opportunity to partner with a locally owned and run Veteran business, KC Cattle Company.  We were able to provide their team with reliable communication for their daily operations on the farm.

KC Cattle Company is a Veteran Owned and Veteran Operated Wagyu Cattle Operation located in Weston, Missouri. The company was started in 2016 by owner/founder, Patrick Montgomery, a Ranger with the 1st Ranger Battalion. Patrick’s goal was to bring the lessons learned during his time in the military to his practices in agriculture. Specifically, he wanted to raise superior quality Wagyu Beef for the very same people and communities he once served as an Army Ranger. Since the company’s beginnings in 2016 they have grown to a staff of 5, including Patrick.

Tyler, our VP of Operations, spent his time in the Army as an Active-Duty Officer in the Military Police Battalion before coming onboard with KC Cattle Company.

Carson, our Senior Operations Assistant, spent his time in the Marine Corps as an Active-Duty member of the U.S. Embassy Security Team before exiting the Corps last year and beginning his time with us. Kaleigh, our VP of Marketing, is Patrick’s wife and has long since been a dedicated military spouse.

Kale Swing, VP of Sales and Product Development spent time in the Navy on Active Duty doing small boat combat operations before exiting and getting involved with Law Enforcement, SWAT, and Counter Terrorism here in the Kansas City area.


You will find on their website that they are "Homegrown By Heroes", which serves as a identification to prospective consumers that the products were locally grown or raised by a veteran.  From the grocery shelf to the farmers' market to online retail, this label will hopefully serve as an extra incentive to consumers when making a purchase decision.

KC Cattle's  primary business model is Wagyu Beef sales to the end consumer through their website. They ship their product to all 50 States and provide a local delivery service every Friday to roughly 130 zip codes in the Kansas City Metro Area.

In 2019 an article written by Food and Wine “We Found a Hot Dog That Tastes Like Steak - Grilling Season Will Never Be the Same” voted KC Cattle Company's hot dogs the World’s Best Hot Dog. That article sparked a demand for their hot dogs along with other Wagyu cuts that has long since continued. The following year another article by the same outfit, “Wagyu Bacon Cheeseburger Bratwursts Have Arrived, and They’re a Revelation” put their bratwursts on the map which created another highly demanded product.

The Midland Team visiting partners KC Cattle Company

Partnering with Midland

"With our continued growth it has allowed us the opportunity to build lasting relationships with other companies around the United States, one of which is Midland USA, who just so happens to reside in our backyard. The communications equipment offered by Midland has allowed us to improve communication and efficiency around our Wagyu ranch which has led to less time wasted and more time packing orders of delicious KC Cattle Company Wagyu product. Our Midland radios are utilized daily to relay important information regarding the status of our Wagyu cattle, updates on daily projects on the ranch, and vital information that needs relayed to our employees to keep them safe while working on the ranch. With our combined years of service in the military and the importance of solid “COMM’s” during those years, we value the importance of communication and it’s need on our ranch,"said Kale Swing.


Support the KC Cattle Company and place your order today: 


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