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June 06, 2024

Be it a trip to Disney, a weekend at the cabin, or a busy afternoon in the neighborhood, keep the family safe with instant communication.

Shop Midland for family safety.

T10X3M Multi-Color Pack X-Talker® Two-Way Radio

This three pack of walkie talkies is perfect for family fun.

Easy to use, the entire family can operate these as the group splits up at the theme park, explores the beach, or wanders around the neighborhood. 

Coming in three bright colors, the T10X3Ms makes clear, crisp, and reliable communication fun for everyone in the family, no matter their age.

With push-to-talk communication, families can instantly reach each person at once! Communication has never been more efficient. 

Equipped with Midland's legendary Weather Alert technology, users will get the most accurate information about weather in the area, straight from the National Weather Service. This means if the kids are out exploring, they'll know to head back home as soon as possible!

Keep in touch by shopping the T10s here

A child poking his head out of a car using the T10X3M two-way radio


ER40 Emergency Crank Radio

Stay in the know with weather conditions in your area with the help of Midland's ER40.

With NOAA Weather Radio, the ER40 is great for roadtrips, vacations, or even a night at home. When the National Weather Service issues an alert, you'll instantly be notified. This gives the family time to seek shelter or act if weather is headed your way. 

Because the ER40 has several sources of power- solar, hand crank, and lithium rechargeable batteries, families will continue to get life-saving alerts on the go or if the power goes out at home due to a storm. 

Featuring a flashlight with SOS strobe, the ER40 will help you navigate the dark if you're outside late or you lose power. 

Keep your family safe, shop the ER40 here

Boy sits outside his camper listening to the ER40


X-Talker T71VP3 Two-Way Radio

A favorite, the T71 walkie talkies bring reliable communication, something every family knows is key to safety. 

With clear transmission, the T71s ensure you won't miss a message as you spend time with the family.

The T71s have seriously impressive battery life so you won't have to worry about the kids losing communication when they're out with their friends. 

With the inclusion of Weather Scan + Alert, the T71s will alert users to the latest weather conditions in the area, should something pop up, giving everyone time to react, get home, and seek shelter. Safety is a must!

These walkie talkies offer push-to-talk communication that allows each member of the family with a walkie to reach everyone all at once, saving time!

Keep the family in touch this summer by purchasing the T71s here

Man talking on the T71VP3 Two-Way Radio in front of his camper.


Top Family Vacation Destinations

Bring the fun to the family this summer by planning the ultimate summer vacation. Check out these destinations as you plan your wild and free trip, sure to make memories for everyone!

  • Washington D.C.
  • Orlando, Florida 
  • Outer Banks, North Carolina
  • Cape Code,  Massachusetts
  • Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming
  • San Diego, California 

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