April 25, 2023

Spring is here and Midland Radio has all the essentials for reliable communication along any adventure.

Shop Midland's two-way, weather, and emergency radios this spring.


Take power to new levels with Midland Radio's MXT575 MicroMobile® Two-Way Radio.

With 50 Watts, the MXT575 is the most powerful GMRS radio allowed by law so outdoor adventurers can stretch their range even further than before.

Midland's MXT575 is perfect for off-roaders, RV'ers, campers, and more.

With the Fully-Integrated Control Microphone, the MXT575 can be hidden away, avoiding crowded dashboard space. 

Operating on wide and narrow bands, this radio will truly transform communication. The MXT575 is compatible with all of Midland Radio's walkie talkies and MicroMobiles. 

The MXT575 also has a USB-C charging port. This will give tablets, walkie talkies, and cellphones the fast charge time available.



Pack a punch at camp with the MXPW500- Ammo Can Base Station for the MXT500.

This genuine, surplus ammo can, allows adventurers to take MicroMobile®-level communication with them on the go.

Fit with a LifePo4 lithium ion battery, the basestation has a powerful battery life to keep communication going throughout an adventure. It also works with a solar panel to stretch battery life even further.

Waterproof and nearly crushproof, the ammo can is fit to withstand the most rugged of environments.

Built for the MXT500, the MXPW500 powers up the highest-powered GMRS two-way radio allowed by law to increase radio range.

The MXT500 is sold separately. 



Whether it's fishing, camping, hiking, off-roading, and more, the T290 GMRS walkie talkies will keep adventurers connected.

With the sleek design, the T290 walkie talkies bring clear communication to every adventure. 

Midland Radio's T290 walkie talkies also feature Weather Scan + Alert Technology so outdoor adventurers can stay in the know when it comes to inclement weather in their area.

Compatible with all of Midland's walkie talkies and MicroMobiles, the T290s make communication easy and accessible, in and out of vehicles.



Midland's T10X3M bring reliable, easy to use, fun communication to the whole family.

Hand out these walkie talkies to the kids as they explore the campground, play around the neighborhood, or seek independence on outdoor adventures. These walkie talkies are easy to use, perfect for those who are new to two-way radios.

Equipped with NOAA Weather Radio, these walkies provide an extra layer of safety as users can stay alert with the latest weather information in their area, straight from the National Weather Service.

Clear communication in fun colors means having peace of mind as the family explores the great outdoors this spring.



Midland's emergency crank NOAA Weather Radio is sure to keep all outdoor adventurers informed and aware of their surroundings. 

Equipped with NOAA Weather Radio, the ER40 brings outdoor adventurers the latest information about weather in their area. This is especially important as it will give users the time needed to seek shelter if necessary. Cellphone service is often limited when off-grid so it's key to have multiple, redundant ways of receiving alerts. 

The ER40 also has a flashlight with SOS Strobe. This aids outdoor adventurers as they navigate low-light areas such as the campground at night.

With multiple sources of power- solar, lithium rechargeable battery, and a hand crank, the ER40 is sure to keep adventurers alert at all times. It also works well in cases in which power is lost due to storms or if someone is evacuating due to fires or hurricanes.

Other features include AM/FM radio, backlit LCD display, a wrist lanyard, and more. 



Spring often brings unpredictable weather and preparing ahead of time is crucial to safety.

Homeowners should make having a NOAA Weather Radio a top priority ahead of spring.

When programmed, the NOAA Weather Radio will alert homeowners when watches or warnings are issued by the National Weather Service. This ensures they're getting the latest, most accurate information. Midland Radio's WR120 is the gold standard of NOAA Weather Radios and alerts users to over 60 different kinds of weather hazards and emergencies.

While cellphones do send out alerts, towers can be destroyed or overloaded during storms so having multiple, redundant ways of receiving alerts is the best way to ensure safety.  

Getting reliable, timely alerts could be the time needed for households to seek shelter in an emergency or in inclement weather. 

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