September 02, 2022

Midland Radio is excited to announce the unveiling of its ER40 Emergency Crank Radio.

This National Preparedness Month, ensure yours and your family's safety by making sure all the necessary items are in your emergency go kit.


The ER40 is a must-have item for any outdoor adventurer or traveler.

With this radio, you can take emergency preparedness into your own hands.

The last thing any outdoor adventurer wants is to get caught up in a storm without notice. With Midland's ER40 Emergency Crank Radio, you can get the latest information and alerts from the National Weather Service. Getting these updates could give you the time you need to turn back around and seek shelter.

Not only does this radio bring key weather updates, but it also has a flashlight. This is especially helpful as you make your way around the campsite after dark, navigate dimly lit areas on a hike, or need to use the SOS Strobe in case you're lost or need rescuing. 

For many outdoor adventurers, electricity isn't available as they explore for days at a time. With the ER40, you won't have to worry the radio losing its power because of its multiple, sustainable power sources. This includes a solar panel, hand crank, and rechargeable battery. This way you'll be able to use all the ER40's features throughout your entire adventure.

Not to mention, when you do get cellphone service, you can use the USB port on the ER40 to keep it charged. 

Midland's ER40 isn't just useful when you're camping or hiking, but also out on the water fishing, hunting in the woods, road tripping with the family, off-roading, and more.



  • NOAA Weather Radio
  • AM/FM Radio with Clock
  • Multiple Sustainable Power Sources
  • Device Charging with USB Connection 
  • Flashlight with SOS Strobe
  • Low Battery Indicator 
  • Wrist Lanyard for Easy Carrying
  • Rechargeable Battery 

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