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September 24, 2021


Rango Inc. is a mining and mass excavation company headquartered out of Mesa, Arizona. However, the company also has plants in states like Colorado, Texas, and Nevada.

“We get contracted by the mining plants to excavate fracking sand. They can then take them to plants to get them washed and prepared for shipping out," Jovani Flores, a purchasing manager with the company said.

Rango also does reclamation, construction, operations, and heavy transport.

Customers include Atlas SandNevada Gold MinesVulcan Materials Company, and Black Mountain Sand




Rango Inc recently purchased 20 Midland Radio MXT115 MicroMobile Two-Way Radios for its site in Texas near San Antonio.

“Here in West Texas, we have a total of over 300 pieces of equipment including dump trucks, excavators, dozers, loaders, AG tractors.”

The company installed the MicroMobiles in each of the vehicles because communication is a priority.

“We need to install the radios in these vehicles because safety is our number one priority. It’s how our operators communicate with each other- incoming traffic, outgoing traffic," Flores said.

Flores said communication and safety go hand in hand.

“If they don’t communicate, there could be an accident. Communication leads back to safety.”

Cell phones are not an option on site.

“Our operators cannot carry cellphones when they’re operating our equipment. That is a big no no for us. That’s why we install radios on these trucks so they don’t have to use their cellphone at all. It’s all about safety.”


Flores said Rango has used Midland for a while.

“We’ve always used Midland Radios. “

She credits the radios' reliability and straightforward technology.

“They’re so easy to get and to use. Everyone can figure them out and use them to get the job done."

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