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November 05, 2021

Rechargeable batteries are designed specially to be used, charged, and reused many times over. They work differently from disposable batteries in that they reverse the regular reactions within a battery that allow them to send electrons around a circuit. 

Although most batteries can be converted to become rechargeable, you should never recharge a regular battery. This can cause them to overheat, leading to leaks or explosions. It's also important to understandhow to use rechargeable batteriesproperly.

A rechargeable battery pack has several benefits. With arechargeable AA battery pack, you’re never without batteries. Although they are more expensive to buy initially, they can be reused and are cost-effective in the long term. What’s more, they are environmentally friendly as single-use batteries are difficult to dispose of safely. Approximately three billion batteries are thrown in the trash every year by Americans, contributing to the global waste crisis. Rechargeable batteries for radios are an essential part of an eco-friendly future.

Rechargeable AA battery packsare used for a range of products.Besides standard, loose plug-in rechargeable AA batteries, rechargeables are frequently used with common household items. For example, cordless drills, children's toys, and radio devices often contain rechargeable batteries. If you’re in the market for a rechargeable battery pack, you’ll need some key information to make an informed purchase.

Best Uses of Rechargeable Battery Packs

Rechargeable battery packs can be used for radios, GPS tools, digital cameras, and other wireless devices. 

Usingrechargeable batteries for radios saves time, money, and space in the junk drawer. Rechargeable AA battery packs often last for 100 or more charges, giving you a better bang for your buck.

Rechargeable battery packs are useful for outdoor enthusiasts. They can use packs to power walkie talkies, 2-way radios, amateur radios, and other electronic devices that hikers, rock climbers, and explorers rely on. Remote areas are often dead zones for cell phone reception, so a spare battery pack can get you out of a sticky situation if your radio needs power. 

Theserechargeable AA battery packs can also be used to feed a power pack, giving you reliable electricity for camping, road trips, or remote exploration.

Rechargeable Battery Packs from Midland

In addition to the battery packs themselves, there are several useful products from Midland that are worth investing in:

Midland AVP13 Rechargeable Battery Pack

These are high-performance, rechargeable batteries that are suitable for 2-way radios. Each pack contains 3 quality tested AA batteries. They are durable and strong enough to withstand various weather conditions and outdoor environments. These batteries are designed to work with T71, T75, and T77 Midland Radios.

Midland AVP17 Rechargeable Batteries

These high-powered, rechargeable batteries are built to keep your two-way radios powered up. This pack includes two rechargeable NiMH Battery Packs. You can use them for the T290 an T295. This battery replaces the BATT-5R and is reverse compatible with the GXT1000, GXT1030, GXT1050, and XT511.

Visit Midland for Rechargeable Battery Packs

Whether you’re looking to save time, money, or reduce wasted energy, consider switching to rechargeable battery packs. They are an excellent investment for outdoor enthusiasts and those that need a power source while on the move. 

Midland is a leading provider of quality radio equipment and electronics. From portable 2-way radio systems to the batteries and chargers that power them, we supply a range of quality electronics. 

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