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December 28, 2023

Midland caught up with its partner, Miles Steen about life on the farm during the month of December and how Midland GMRS two-way radios play a role.


Miles Steen farms on 65 acres of land in South Central Nebraska, just outside of Minden, Nebraska.

“I grew up on my dad’s side of the family farm. He’s lived here his whole life and that’s how I got started farming,” Steen said.

Steen said his family has been farming for generations upon generations. On top of corn and soybeans, Steen also runs a cattle operation.

For him, farming is about seeing things through, step by step.

“It’s hard to choose a favorite part about farming. It’s just fun watching things grow. The faith you have to put into farming because you can’t control everything. It’s a unique profession to have.”



Steen began using Midland GMRS two-way radios on the farm two or three years ago.

They run the MXT115 MicroMobile® Two-Way Radio, MXT400 MicroMobile® Radio,  and the X-Talker T71VP3 Two-Way Radio. This comes after years of cellphone use.

“You’re always trying to take a call to try to find something out, they don’t answer, then they call you right back, you don’t answer, it’s phone tag. It’s not efficient.”

As other farmers can attest to,efficient farming is everything.

“Efficiency is a pretty big deal in farming. There’s a lot of variables. There’s a lot of explaining and questions, especially during harvest which is the main time of the year that we use these radios.”

He loves how push and play Midland’s GMRS two-way radios are.

“The radios save a lot of time. My experience with Midland radios has been pretty simple and easy- to use and install.”



Steen said the month of December is a bit of a transition time for him on the farm.

“During the month of December, we’re kind of switching gears a bit. We’re finishing up some harvest things to help get things organized and put together.”

Things will calm down about halfway through the month and then they’ll begin preparing for calving season which begins at the beginning of March.

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