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September 05, 2023

September marks National Preparedness Month. Midland Radio has essential items like NOAA Weather Radios and emergency radios to help prepare you for weather disasters.


National Preparedness Month is each September. The goal is to raise awareness about the need to prepare for disasters and emergencies because they could happen at any time in any location. 

Part of FEMA's goal is to reach different communities where they are in order to promote preparedness. 


This year's National Preparedness Month theme is, "Preparing for Older Adults."

The campaign will focus on preparing older adults for disaster, specifically adults that are disproportionately affected by all-hazard events. These events, particularly severe weather events continue to threaten and impact the entire nation.  

The risk of older adults is significantly increased when it comes to extreme weather events and emergencies especially if they are living alone, are low-income, have a disability, or live in rural areas. 


Midland Radio offers several products that should be included in your emergency preparation kit.

Staying alert is the first step in ensuring you are ready for severe weather and emergencies. Grab a NOAA Weather Radio to receive the latest information from the National Weather Service. This life-saving information will give you and your family the time needed to seek shelter and put your plan into action.

Midland's emergency radios ensure you don't miss out on any information. These radios are perfect for power outages, evacuations, or for trips to explore the outdoors. Featuring NOAA Weather Radio, these radios will keep you informed no matter where you are with several sources of power.  

It's also important to prepare for after the storm. It's likely that cellphone service could be spotty, towers could be overwhelmed, or the weather could take out the cellphone tower altogether. Knowing this, grabbing a set of walkie talkies or a MicroMobile for your vehicle is a great idea. This way you can keep in touch with one another when service isn't available. It also could make getting ahold of emergency services significantly easier. 

Shop Midland's top products for National Preparedness Month.


The WR120 is the gold standard of NOAA Weather Radios because it comes packed with life-saving features.

This NOAA Weather Radio features S.A.M.E. EZ localized programming and alerts you to over 60 kinds of weather hazards and emergencies. 

When the National Weather Service issues a severe weather watch or warning, the WR120 automatically alerts you. Time is often key in ensuring your emergency response plan goes off without a hitch and the WR120 gives you the minutes or seconds needed to act. 



This emergency crank NOAA Weather Radio makes staying informed in case of an emergency or in your everyday life, that much easier.

With several sources of power including a lithium rechargeable batter, solar panel, and hand crank, the ER40 is perfect for power outages caused by a storm, evacuating a hurricane or wildfire, and hitting the outdoors when you're off-grid. 

The ER40 includes NOAA Weather Radio so you'll be sure to get the latest, most accurate information for your area straight from the National Weather Service. 

This radio also features a flashlight with SOS Strobe that will keep you alert others in case of an emergency.

Other features include a micro USB charging cable, wrist lanyard, AM/FM Radio with a clock, and backlit LCD display.

Easily grab and go when an emergency is headed your way. 

This emergency crank NOAA Weather Radio is sure to keep you informed in case of an emergency or in your everyday use. It features a micro USB charging cable, wrist lanyard, NOAA Weather Radio, AM/FM Radio with a clock, and backlit LCD display. Fit with a flashlight that has SOS Strobe, the Midland ER40 Emergency Hand Crank Radio will assist you in alerting others if you need help during an emergency. The ER40 has multiple sources of power including a lithium rechargeable battery, solar panel, and hand crank- keeping you alert even during a power outage.



Keep connected before, during, and after a storm with Midland's T77VP5.

This bundle features a set of Midland's T71 walkie talkies. With seriously impressive battery life, you'll know you're able to reach others for long periods of time without having to switch out the batteries or recharge. Equipped with Xtreme Range technology, these walkie talkies allow users to communicate reliably with unparalleled clarity. Midland's T71s also feature Weather Alert Radio with Weather Scan so you're able to get the most up to date information straight from the National Weather Service. 

The T77VP5 is also packed with accessories like rechargeable battery packs, a desktop charger, AC wall adapter, and two boom microphone headsets. Everything is packed in a soft-shell carrying case so it's easy to pack in your car during evacuations or to stow away in your emergency kit.



This radio truly does it all.

First of all, it's a GMRS two-way radio so you can take powerful communication with you on the go. This means you can communicate with others using Midland FRS and GMRS walkie talkies or MicroMobiles, perfect as you navigate a storm or the clean up efforts afterwards.

The XT511 is also a NOAA Weather Radio, bringing you necessary information straight from the National Weather Service. With NOAA Weather Radio, users will be able to take safety into their own hands, keeping you up to date with the lasted before, during, and after the storms. 

With multiple sources of power like rechargeable battery packs, AC and DC adapters, dynamo hand crank, and four standard "AA" batteries, you will be able to keep communicating and stay informed no matter what severe weather throws your way. 

This base camp radio also includes AM/FM Radio, an LED flashlight, and a USB charging port for your cellphone.

Easily pack this all-in-one radio away in your car for evacuations or in your emergency kit.  

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