October 07, 2019

Agriculture maybe one of the oldest professions known to mankind, but today's farmers aren't stuck in the Stone Age. From viral YouTube channels to popular farming podcasts, it's no surprise that farmers have taken to social media too. Thank a farmer on National Farmer's Day--October 12th--by scrolling through some of the top farming Instagrams or “Farmstagrams.”

12 Farming Instagrams to Celebrate National Farmer's Day

Each account tells a story of how they farm and what it means to them with every post. Not to mention these farmers know how to take pictures!

1. @IowaDairyBoys


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The @iowadairyboys will give you the ins and outs of life on a dairy farm. Outside of the dairy life, they also farm corn, hay, and oats. These 4th generation farmers prove that older equipment can still get the job done. One day the diary boys got bored and made some YouTube videos and an Instagram page and now they have a whopping 43k followers!

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2. @chamberlainfarms


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The Chamberlain Farm has been around since the early 1800s and hasn’t moved! Currently the corn, soybean, and wheat are being farmed by a fifth generation in Webberville, Michigan. This 21-year-old farmer has all the recommendations on products to use--like the best two-way radios for agriculture--and takes some pretty snazzy pictures while he's at it!

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3. @farmingwisconsin


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A post shared by Ben Maier (@farmingwisconsin) on

@farmingwisconsin is a 380-acre dairy and beef farm in Cross Plains, Wisconsin. They are based right below the highest “point” in Dane County Wisconsin. This fourth-generation farmer enjoys taking care of the animals and operating and fixing equipment. This farm is 110 cows strong and will show you the life from America’s dairy land!

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4. @hingtgenfarms


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Located in Eastern Iowa, @hingtgenfarms is a 4th generation farmer who farms 2,000 acres. They do several types of farming such as dairy and beef and have a variety of crops. Something unique about their farm is they milk their cows with robots! If you are looking to get your John Deere fix go follow them!

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5. @hilljay45


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A post shared by Jay Hill (@hilljay45) on

This 18,000-acre farm is so big, it’s in Texas and New Mexico. This first-generation farmer farms a variety of items such as diversified alfalfa, cotton, vegetables, wine grapes, pecans and even has cows. The diversity in crops and livestock is what makes this farmer so unique!

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6. @Americas_Farmer


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This 1,000-acre crow, crop, and cattle head farm is in Missouri. He farms because it’s a passion and being a 4th generation farmer gives him more pride that the farming has lasted this long. His goal is to keep the farm going for more generations to come!

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7. @Werner_Farms


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A post shared by Werner Farms (@werner_farms) on

@Werner_farms is a 1,700-acre grain production farm located in Hanna, Indiana. They not only farm but also provide a variety of agricultural drone services. They have amazing photography and drone skills– check out their John Deere 8530! You can tell by their posts they enjoy every aspect of farming. They also have a YouTube channel with some great videos!

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8. @briansfarmingvideos


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A post shared by Brian Brown (@briansfarmingvideos) on

If you are wanting to know the ends and outs of farming, @briansfarmingvideos documents it all! Located in Chillicothe, Ohio, this 3,500-acre grain farm runs AGCO and Class equipment. From the good times to the struggles, it’s still the most rewarding career Brian could think of!

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9. @westy1241


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A post shared by Todd Westerfeld (@westy1241) on

Being a 5th generation farmer, @westy1241 has celebrated National Farmer's Day a time or two. Located in Moody, Texas, he farms all the essentials: wheat, corn, and cotton. He plans to keep this family tradition going to and keep the world fed and clothed in a safe and sustainable method. One unique fact about his farm is it’s located 3.5 miles from SpaceX rocket testing facility! Follow this farming Instagram account for some spectacular shots of Texas sky.

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10. @larson.farms


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A post shared by Larson Farms (@larson.farms) on

@larson.farms is a 5th generation farmer, who runs a 5,650-acre corn and soybean farm located in Correll, Minnesota. At their farm they do a little bit of everything, including tile, ditching, and excavation. They're known for their passion, and it shows in their Instagram stories and posts!

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11. @geoffreyburgess


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A post shared by Geoffrey Burgess (@geoffreyburgess) on

Originally from the United Kingdom, @geoffreyburgess worked on a harvest crew for several years until moving to South Central Kansas in 2004. He is a first-generation grain farmer and farms for the opportunity it give and the dreams it fulfills. His favorite piece of farming equipment is a 9770 Combine. If you want to know what life is like on a family farm in Kansas, he is the guy to follow.

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12. @farmerdan97


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A post shared by Daniel Sell (@farmerdan97) on

@farmerdan97 is a passionate seventh generation farmer whose 5,000-acre farm is in the panhandle of Texas. If you want to get the inside of a semi no-till farm that raises sorghum and winter wheat, this is the account to follow. Dan has dreamed of taking over the family farm since he was young and playing with toy tractors. He uses social media to inform the public about the inner workings on the farm and to keep themselves accountable. He believes it’s important to show the public that agriculture is a necessity for this nation.

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13. @ohiofarmer


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A post shared by Nate Kuntz (@ohiofarmer) on

@Ohiofarmer is a third-generation farmer raising the fourth generation! This farmer believes this is the best lifestyle to raise a family. Their grain farm is located in West Central Ohio. If you want to experience everyday life on the farm, this is the guy to follow! Check out his page for John Deere content, beautiful farm shots, and family content.

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14. @andersonfarms_mn


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Anderson Farms is a 2,300-acre corn and soybean farm located in Southwest Minnesota. The farm is in its 4th generation but is currently run by three generations! Check out these awesome farm photos, especially the tractors working in some big-time Minnesota snow.

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15. @austindebusk


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A post shared by Austin Debusk (@austindebusk) on

@austindebusk is a great photographer and a well-rounded farmer who farms corn, soybeans, wheat, and cattle on 3,000 acres. When you follow him, you’ll get a retro feel as they still run some older farming equipment! If you’re into waterfowl hunting as well, this is a great farming Instagram account for you.

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National Farmer's Day is October 12th. Don't forget to thank the hard-working men and women who tirelessly plow, sow, raise, feed, and harvest to feed our nation and beyond.

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