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June 22, 2023

June marks National Camping Month and what better time to get outside, explore the road less traveled, and sleep under the stars?

To properly celebrate National Camping Month, Midland Radio shares five top camping spots that you need to check out. Midland has also included a few must-have camping items to help promote safety.


Located in Glacier National Park, this is one of the most popular campgrounds in the park.

With 41 reservable sites and 68 first come/first serve, the campground is found within the trees. While at the campground, campers can take in views of the park's iconic peaks and Swiftcurrent Lake. 

However, they should be warned, keep an eye out for the bears and moose...experts stress the importance of wildlife Leave No Trace practices. 

It's an ideal park to camp at given there is no shortage of trailheads and amenities like a restaurant, grocery store, etc. 



Found at the foot of Mt. Elbert, the White Star Campground is within the beautiful ponderosa pines.

With easy access to the Twin Lakes Reservoir, there are ample opportunities for water recreation activities. The campground also works as a base camp for those looking to hike and mountain bike on the nearby trails.

According to The Dyrt, this campground is ranked Number 2 in the Mountain West region. Because of that though, you'll need to snag a reservation. The individual campsites are available to book on a six-month rolling basis. 


The sunrise from this campground is unbeatable. Here, campers get to see the sunrise filling in over the Organ Mountains. The Dyrt said this campground is ranked the No. 1 in the country because of its spectacular views. 

While campers will most likely never get tired of the views from the campsite, the trailheads can be found right there and White Sands National Park is a quick drive away. 

Sierra Vista is a free, dispersed campgrounds, but BLM Rangers do often check in and will enforce noise restrictions.


Located on the shores of Lake Superior, you'll find one of the most photographed lighthouses in America, now a National Historic Landmark. With dramatic cliffs, rocky beaches, and mesmerizing hiking trails, this park should be on every camper's must-visit list. 

There is no shortage of activities to take part in while visiting- hiking, trout and salmon fishing, and more. 

There are drive-in sites, wheelchair accessible sites, backpack sites, and cart-in sites, giving you endless opportunities to camp at this historic site. 

It's important to note that visitors very well might run into loons, bobcats, lynxes, and other wildlife.

While it's the perfect summer getaway, the park is open year round.



Head to Olympic National Park to check out this campground that is a protected marine sanctuary. Because of that, visitors can take in the sandy beaches and marine creatures.

Staying at the campsite provides easy access to the beach, tide pools, and trailheads leading to different beaches. 

The campground releases campsites in three staggered block releases by loop, becoming available six months in advance, two weeks in advance, and four days in advance. While camping is available year round, some campgrounds are closed November-April. There are 168 campsites, with campfire rings and picnic tables.

You'll want to add this campground to your list of must-see spots and for good reason!


It's important to make safety and reliable communication a priority when heading out to camp.

This National Camping Month, Midland Radio put together its two-way and emergency radio essentials.


Bring clear, reliable communication to every adventure with Midland Radio's walkie talkies.

These walkie talkies have seriously impressive battery life to keep campers connected, whether it's on the trails, around the campground, backing in the RV, etc.

With Xtreme Range technology, campers can rest knowing they can reach their loved ones and friends as they take on the outdoors.

Cellphone service is often nonexistent and unreliable so outdoor adventurers can grab the T71s to bring consistent communication.



With the help of the T10X3Ms, kids can have independence in the outdoors without parents being able to reach them.

Coming in three fun different colors, the T10X3Ms are easy to use so the entire family can figure them out. 

With easy button access, the T10X3Ms campers can push a button and connect with others in their group.

The T10X3Ms also feature NOAA Weather Radio so users will get the latest information straight from the National Weather Service so they'll know if severe weather is on the way.



Bring peace of mind to every adventure with Midland's ER40 Emergency Crank Radio.

This radio packs a punch of features including AM/FM Radio and NOAA Weather Radio. With NOAA Weather Radio, users will get the most accurate, up-to-date information straight from the National Weather Service. With this information, campers can seek shelter or alter plans based on any severe weather.

The ER40 also features a flashlight with an SOS Strobe. This makes navigating the campsite at night that much easier. Also, the SOS Strobe is great if an emergency occurs. 

With multiple sources of power including a lithium rechargeable battery, solar panel, and hand crank, outdoor adventurers can rest easy because they'll be able to receive alerts throughout their trips. 

Campers should make sure preparedness and reliable communication are a top priority when planning.

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